Monday, 15 June 2015

Under Armor Gear- Alice Proof phone case

Hey everyone!

It's been longer then I can remember since I did a review for you all but today I have something that I'm quite excited about to show you.

I was asked to review an Urban Armor Gear (UAG)phone case a few months ago and of course the day it arrived I sent my phone off for repairs so when I finally got the two together I wanted to give the case the ultimate test over the last month before making any conclusions.

Let me start off by saying this case is officially 'Alice Proof'!
What Is Alice Proof? Well there is a long running joke amongst my family and friends (joke for them not so much for me!) where if I am ever given a phone to hold that is not mine everyone will warn the person before hand that it might not be a good idea, if I am lent a phone(Like recently when I sent my phone off for repairs) I am very quickly told to get a case on it immediately and finally if anyone else breaks their phone they exclaim that they have pulled an Alice...
Ok so I don't have a good history when it comes to phones without a case. I may have smashed my iPhone at least 3 times. I may have then decided to get a new cheaper phone as I was sick of breaking my old one only to break they cheaper ones screen within a week of buying it but hey! We all have out faults!! My current phone is the Samsung Galaxy s4 and I love it so much so I don't want anything happening to it. (The crack on the screen is from when my Boyfriend had the phone before me so I can't be blamed!)
I understand that I have small crack on the screen- This was 1) not my fault and 2) before I had the case.
This company claim to meet military drop test standards and although I personally couldn't test that I have dropped my phone 3 times today alone and not even the case is scratched.
I chose the colour valkyrie as I liked the pink finish, the material is really smooth which worried me and made me think that maybe it was a little slippy (too smooth?) However I don't think I've dropped the phone anymore then usual(even if this is a lot normally..)

The case that I got for my Samsung Galaxy s4 would normally cost €31.15 which next to popular brands like otter box is a little cheaper so any way to save a few bob is good for me!
I used to have a LifeProof case which I reviewed in the past. It was a great case while I had an iPhone but it is very expensive in comparison to the UAG case so unless you really want a case for going underwater the UAG case is the one for you(and a lot less bulky too)
When buying your next phone factor in the cost of a good case because if you're anything like me you will ultimately be saving money by investing in a case like the Urban Armor Gear one and not forking out €50 at least for a new screen every once in a while.

What is your favourite phone case, are you as clumsy as me when it comes to protecting your phone? I want to know I'm not alone!

I hope you're all well,

Lots of Love,

Alice May XX

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