Saturday, 11 April 2015

Adventures in Brussels

Hello everyone!

I've just looked to see when my last 'proper' blogpost was and it was over a year ago! Yikes! Where dis that time go!?

I can't say what I was doing for most of that time because I really don't have any reason but since the end of january I have been living in Brussels, Belgium!

I'm currently home for 10 days before I head back to my tempory home for a final 2 weeks.

But what have I been doing there?
As you all(should) know I'm studying to be a Montessori teacher and as part of that I was offered to go on an Erasmus programme to Brussels for 3 months. 
So of course I jumped at the idea!

I have actually found it extremely tough being away from Ireland, we are such home birds aren't we? I think I'll try and do some posts talking about what I found hard and how I overcame it to maybe help soemone else who is mocing away from home specifiacally for a short time like 3 months. 

For now here are some of the things in Brussels you simply can't miss. 

Like in the picture at the top and these two pictures. the number one place to visit is Grand Place.. you really can't miss it! It's kinda the centre of everything! I love it, so beautiful and always a pleasure to see!

Atomimum was built for the 1958 world fair and is pretty cool. The view from the top is amazing but the stricture it's self is a great sight. 

This photo does not do the Galleries justice, I have now realised that i need to take a better picture when I go back in.. 9 days. 
My favourite two things in Brussels are Grand Place and The Galleries. The Galleries are lined with chocolate shops and boutiques that are too expensive to even to step into but I always love walking through here with my University on the other end I would do the walk quite frequently. 

Finally we have the famous Manneken Pis statue. This is a little boy statue that is simply peeing! 
He always has a huge crowd around him trying to take selfies with their selfie sticks. There are a lot of legends about him but the one that is the most feasible is that there was a bomb in the middle of the city, this little boy urinated on the fuse of the bomb which then put it out and saved everyone. The End. Woohoo! It's a fun tourist attraction anyway!

So there are some of the things you can't miss in Brussels!

I hope to do more blogging but don't want to make empty promised.. I'll try!! 

Lots of love,

Alice May.

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