Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Outfit Ideas!

Hey everyone!

Today I'm writing a post with some outfit ideas to wear over the Christmas period. Everyone has parties and nights out around this time so thought I would show you some of the outfits I would wear.
These three outfits are what I've worn before so the photo's are kind of 'live in action'
Everyone loves a skater skirt, why not pair it with a simple black tee and a gold belt to split it up? I'm wearing brogues with this outfit instead of heels.
 I really like to wear jeans and heels when I go out it's super easy, keeps you warm and no worries when it comes to wind! I wore black skinny jeans from River Island, a simple black flowy top, A purple blazer for a pop of colour, simple nude shoes and my Michael Kors handbag
 I love this dress! I wore it to my cousins wedding believe it or not just over a year ago and it has seen so much wear! I wore is on Christmas day last year. It's just a simple black skater style velvet dress from New Look that I paired with a simple gold belt from Penny's. I love wearing all black(have you noticed?) so wearing black tights and black heels I feel brings the whole outfit together.
Lastly I just wanted to briefly show the dress I'll be wearing this Christmas. I don't have the best pictures but I wore it to a wedding in October. I'll be wearing this navy dress from A|Wear the same way but with tights. I bought the purple blazer from the 'jeans outfit' for this dress so I'll wear that too. I bought low nude heels for the wedding as I had a sprained ankle at the time and I also didn't want sky scrapers! As a result I was able to wear them for ages so think this is a new thing for me!

I hope I gave you some ideas on what to wear this Christmas season. I hope you're all doing really well.

All my love,

Alice May xx

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