Sunday, 21 July 2013

I got a job!

Hello my lovelies!

I know it's been what seems like forever but I hate when boggers/youtubers apologise for their absense so that is not what I'm doing.

I have a few reasons but honesly one of the is that I haven't felt that inspired to write about anything beauty related. Which is why I hope you don't mind but I think I'm going to start posting more 'lifestyle' type posts with a few reviews, ootd's and that sort of thing thrown in here and there.

For my first post 'lifestyle' post I want to share something that has happened that is huge to me.

I got a job!
I have never had a 'real' job before would you believe? I have been babysitting and child minding since I was probably a child myself but I've never had a job that is official so it's all very grown up of me!
I finished college in May and was kinda freaking out, what next? was all I could ask myself.
I decided I would give myself till after my holidays to start looking for a job or to decide what I wanted to do. Well the week before I went away I had a surge of enthusiasm and started applying for jobs. I went around Dundrum handing in CV's and applied to about a gazillion online(more like 20 ish) I had two interviews before my holiday and one after. I was offered one on the spot but the work was really casual and they were hinting that I should cancel my holiday that I was going on in 3 days time(not a chance!).
Well with 4 trial days under my belt I was offered a job in the most amazing salon, the girls who I work with are so unbelievably nice and are helping me so much adjust into the way the salon works and teaching my loads so I am so grateful for that.
I'm always tired after work but I'm always looking forward to going in so I think it balances out in the end.

That's all I really wanted to share for today but I have review coming up and will try and do one on my holiday if I can get anything together as it was a crazy mash of fun!

Until next time,
Alice May xxx

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