Friday, 28 June 2013

The Product That SAVED My Skin

Yes you read right, the product that saved my skin. The product I'm talking about is Mudd Original Deep Cleansing Clay Mask.
But before I start this review let me give you a background on my skin.

I have actually been very fortunate for the most part when it comes to my skin, I very rarely would get spots and my skin was never overly dry or oily so I had it pretty good! I had people tell me how 'great' my skin was and for the longest time I thought they were having a laugh as I was embarrassed by that 'one spot' on my chin.
Well recently this all changed. My skin would be classified as 'combination skin'(an oily T-zone and dry cheeks in my case) and sensitive but all of a sudden my face was getting dry patches everywhere being extremely dehydrated, I was getting loads of spots more so of those horrible ones under your skin that make the surface of your face all bumpy and uneven. My skin was lifeless with no colour in it at all. It was awful my makeup wasn't sitting right and it was only when I was editing my recent haul video that I saw the extent of how crap my skin was, granted I had had my makeup on all day but it was just awful.

In that haul video I said how I had bought this clay Mudd mask in boots on a whim because my sister and I decided we would do a face mask that evening as a treat it cost €7.89 in Boots. The mask is 100% made of pure clays, contains 'special minerals' to help absorb excess oil, deeply embedded makeup & dirt. It helps to control blackheads as it tones and tightens the skin, it won't clog your pors as It's non-comedogenic and it doesn't contain lanolin
When I first put it on my face not going to lie it stung a little and I was very close to taking it off because as I said I have sensitive skin but I said I'd leave it on for a minute and if it still stung I'd take it off, needless to say it calmed down and I was set with my 15 minute alarm on my phone. While I waited I sent 'snap chat' photo's to my Friends and tried to move my mouth while the clay dried, it was all very grown up of me.
The alarm sounded so I proceeded to take the mask off with a damp face cloth. Straight away my skin felt as smooth as a babies bottom. I applied some moisturiser and decided not to make a verdict right away as a lot of the time these things have amazing results right away but after a few hours your skin is back to where it was.

The next day however my skin still felt wonderful, my makeup went on with ease and for the first time in ages my skin actually looked good with my rosie cheeks back and without all the dry patches and bumps, I was delighted!
My skin feels super soft and the colour has returned!
I have no makeup on in these 2 picture's
As I sit here and type I've had my makeup on all day and my skin still feels wonderful so the verdict is for sure that this is a new holy grail product! I'm going to try use it every week to keep the results up but will definitely use it if my skin acts up again for sure.

I encourage you all to try this right now and let me know how you get on,

A very happy blogger signing off,

Love & Hugs,

Alice May xx

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