Friday, 12 April 2013

Innocent Smoothies ‘little greenies’

Well today we finally got a glimpse of the sun and I didn't freeze without a coat- success! 

Inoccent smoothie is always doing good with the likes of the big knit and now they have their 'little greenies; 'a group of young gardeners who want to get kids their age sowing & growing all around Ireland.'
The aim of this is to educate children around Ireland about sowing and growing their own vegetables and get them to do it themselves! The target is 25,000 kids in on the project so let's get cracking!

'Dalkey Garden School' will be commencing it's children's course on the 2nd of May for 4 weeks every Thursday from 4-5.30 pm. The children will not only be part of the Innocent Smoothie campaign but will learn lot's of fun and interesting things about the garden; getting hands on experience. The block of classes cost €60 and are suitable for ages 4-12 years. 
For more information on the school go to, 'Like' their Facebook and 'Follow' them on their new Twitter

Be sure to pass on this post to someone you think might have some eager kids to get their hands dirty and learn some fun stuff! 

For now check out this video that was made when some children were quizzed on their fruit & veg knowledge, it's pretty cute!

Love & Hugs,

Alice May

^Adult classes are also available in Dalkey Garden School^

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