Thursday, 25 April 2013

My Thoughts on the Micro Pedi

I may be a little late to jump on this waggon however I've been wanted to hop on for a while! When the MicroPedi hit the shelves a while back there were reviews left, right and centre. I knew I wanted to try it but the price tag was a little much for me to invest in just in case it wasn't for me. 

It's kind of gross to talk about but I had quite a lot of hard skin built up on in particular the heels of my feet, it was the source of embarrassment during summer when the flip flops and gladiators made an appearance but also when I was simply bare foot lounging around the house watching movies with friends. I would tuck my feet under my bum in an attempt to hide what most people probably wouldn't notice but I did! 

I have tried pumice stones and foot scrubs before but none of it worked so when I saw those disgusting ads on the telly I was in awe, a weird 2 things to be said in 1 sentence but honestly there wasn't a product I was more excited to try. 

When I received the MicroPedi I literally ran upstairs to try it for myself. The pink roller is for coarse skin and the blue for extra coarse so can you guess which one I went for?
You simply roll the roller back and forth(while it's on of course) to remove the dead skin and you'll be left with 'beautiful soft, smooth feet'.  

From the reviews I was reading I honestly thought my feet were going to be the most amazing looking things in the world. Don't get me wrong there was a definite improvement right away and after a week of using it my feet were 10 times better  then before however I'm not 100% convinced it's the miracle product everyone says it is. I will continue to use  the MicroPedi and will definitely purchase new rollers when I need them but (please don't shoot me!) I am sort of glad I didn't pay the €40 price tag when I was oogling it a few months back. Don't think I hate this product, I am much happier with my feet now but just not completely convinced. 

Have you tried the MicroPedi or do you want to? Are there any miracle creams, tricks etc.. that you swear by for coarse skinned feet like mine?

Until next time,
Love & Kisses,

Alice May x

Monday, 15 April 2013

Bump's day out!

Today I had such a lovely time all thanks to my good friend Sinead filled with laughs and sugary goodness it was a great day all round.
The first thing that bonded us when I met Sinead at the start of this college year was our mutual love for YouTube(she's the only person I've ever outwardly told about my blog/youtube). She now drives me in and out of college which is so handy! Well a few weeks ago Sinead told me she was pregnant and not just a little- a lot! She had hidden it from us all for ages but now it's out in the open it's excitement all round!

Today was our day.

We started it off with 2 exams in college which went fine for the both of us but who likes doing exams right? We went back to my house where we filmed a video all about the beauty essentials for labour/delivery which will be up on my YouTube channel as soon possible.
We then had some lovely beans on toast for our lunch.

The main reason for this day was that as soon as I leaned of the pregnancy I thought 'Sinead totally has to come to the pool with me!' I have a membership in the local hotel so we went up for over an hour of floating bringing lots of pampering products for after to make us feel extra refreshed.

We then decided we wanted to bake so we proceeded to make cupcakes and cookies, we didn't want to be greedy we're bringing them into college tomorrow(hopefully they'll go down a treat!)
To make us even more like domestic goddesses we made a really scrumptious vegetable stir fry with rice and garlic bread. Have to say it tasted divine!
 After we let our bellies digest our food a little and after we did a little college work we iced our cupcakes with pretty colours while catching up on some YouTube vlogs. They tasted better then I thought!(I'm not a huge sugar icing fan)
Tired but only from fun antics I gave baby bump and Sinead a kiss goodbye before she headed home.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the new video and let me know below if you have had any fun days with your best friend recently, what did you get up to?

Until next time,
Love & Hugs,
Alice May, Sinead and Bump

Friday, 12 April 2013

Innocent Smoothies ‘little greenies’

Well today we finally got a glimpse of the sun and I didn't freeze without a coat- success! 

Inoccent smoothie is always doing good with the likes of the big knit and now they have their 'little greenies; 'a group of young gardeners who want to get kids their age sowing & growing all around Ireland.'
The aim of this is to educate children around Ireland about sowing and growing their own vegetables and get them to do it themselves! The target is 25,000 kids in on the project so let's get cracking!

'Dalkey Garden School' will be commencing it's children's course on the 2nd of May for 4 weeks every Thursday from 4-5.30 pm. The children will not only be part of the Innocent Smoothie campaign but will learn lot's of fun and interesting things about the garden; getting hands on experience. The block of classes cost €60 and are suitable for ages 4-12 years. 
For more information on the school go to, 'Like' their Facebook and 'Follow' them on their new Twitter

Be sure to pass on this post to someone you think might have some eager kids to get their hands dirty and learn some fun stuff! 

For now check out this video that was made when some children were quizzed on their fruit & veg knowledge, it's pretty cute!

Love & Hugs,

Alice May

^Adult classes are also available in Dalkey Garden School^