Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Cheese Made me Do It!

 I'm assuming you all follow 'The Londoners' blog? Well she put up a recipe recently enough filled with cheesy goodness which when I saw I new I had to try so when my Brother and I were in Tesco and the tinned croissant dough caught my eye(read the recipe to see why this would effect my poor decision making). Well let's just say I ate a lot of cheese last night.

The downside to this action(bar the calories, fat, salt...) is that cheese is notorious for giving nightmares and not granting you the best sleep. I woke up at about 5am from a nightmare involving my car keys and honey(don't ask.. well I did tweet about it when I woke up) Well anyway after tossing and turning for about 2 hours I decided I would get up and bring the dog for a walk so at 7am I grabbed my keys, runners, phone and child dog. 
 The place was empty- I didn't see another sole until about 7:30-7:45.
As I rounded the corner of the first leg of my walk I stopped in my tracks and gasped. It was incredible. I have done this walk more times then I've been into Dublin city and never have I seen the view so spectacular, I wished I had my camera but my iPhone would do.  I knew I had to share this beauty of the sun rising.
 I only wish I had been there earlier to watch from the beginning but at least now I have a reason to get up early!

Here are some more photo's of my walk just because It is a pretty nice place to well walk!


I felt so great after my walk, it honestly set me up competely for the day. I actually did my hair and makeup for mass this morning which usually I would never do! I also made it to an earlier time. 
 So there is my little tale of the day,
until next time,
Love & Hugs,
Alice May xx

ps Sorry for looking a right mess, I decided to make the most of this morning activity and power walk/jog so I was shweatin'!

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  1. I love this photos! You're making me want to go out for a walk now!!