Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cross Roads in my Life

Hey guys! I wanted to update you all and also make excuses for the future of lack of posts.
I know my blog posts have been quite infrequent(apart from the last few days-I've been on a roll) although not scarce but for the next while I am guessing they will only decline.

As you all probably know from me telling you about a gazillion times I'm qualified in beauty & body therapy and at the moment I'm in college doing Theatrical & Media Makeup. Well this too is a one  year course. Guess what? We have finished the entire curriculum per say and it's all just revision and practice till my exams in May. Crazy? I know- where did that year go?
With the end of this course comes a huge cross roads in my life. Where to next? Free lance? Salon work? Another course? There are so many things I have to take into account when making some of the toughest decisions of my life so far. 

With exams and this huge pressure on me I have to be honest and say the creativity isn't exactly sparing much for my Blog or YouTube so I ask you all to just be patient with me and support me though this time so that I can come back fighting! 

I'm not saying goodbye, I'm not even saying see ya later. I will still post I just don't know if the gaps will be let's say small..

I love you all and I thank you for the support,
Alice May xx

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  1. Best of luck with everything you do and look forward to your next post!