Sunday, 24 March 2013

Haul: Louboutins, Skater Skirts & Eye Shadow

I haven't done a haul in quite some time but I got myself a few bits as I felt I deserved a wee treat!

Firstly are my very first pair of Christian Louboutins. You would expect to see sky high stilettos with the signature red sole. Although these beauties have the red sole they are anything but high!
I'm sure you're all familiar with Siopa Ella the 'swap boutique and consignment store'.  They stock a lot of designer gear and I always keep my eye on Siopa Ella's Facebook for anything extra special; which is exactly what happened when these Brown Christian Louboutin leather Chelsea boots showcased themselves. Before I knew it I was in the shop trying them and handing over my card.
They set me back €195 but considering they where hardly worn and worth a lot more I didn't get too upset! I've been looking for a nice pair of Chelsea boots for ages so actually I'm extremely happy!
The next thing was another thing I spied in my daily LivingSocial(discount coupan website) email. I usually hate these emails and always try to remember to unsubscribe myself from the annoying at least 5 a day subscription servive. But I saw that they had a deal on a 120 eye shadow palatte for €15 when normally it's about €60 from KwikStore. I've wanted a palette like this for my kit for ages so was delighted at the cheap price! I've used a few colours and so far so good!
 The last 2 things are from I love the skater skirt trend as their super flattering and really easy to wear. You don't have to worry about being bloated with  them either so this makes it all the better!
The first one is called the 'Jessie Scuba Skater Skirt' in sugar-coral and the second is the 'Jess Skater Skirt' in berry(no longer available) both where €15. I amn't 100% happy with the material of either of the skirts and if you're thinking of getting the sugar-coral get it in your size if not one size bigger but definitely not any smaller! 
So there you have it! My few purchases over the last while. If you'd like a more in dept post on any of the items I got just let me know!
I also bought my flights and put down a deposit on accomadation for my holiday with my friends this summer! I won't be spending any money for a while cause I'm officially broke again! ha ha

Until next time,
Love ya!
Alice May x

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hydrate and Conceal with Benefit's Fakeup!

retails at €26.50
Why hello there my lovelies!

On Friday evening last I was invited to a Benefit event to show us bloggers their newest product 'Fakeup'. Before I talk about this amazing new product I just want to take a minute to show you the kindness of Benefit who always throw the most amazing parties. Bubbles for everyone[not me- driving :-(] and oodles of yummy food including the cute as a button picnic style fish and chips. 

Now- back to the main post!

What is this 'Fakeup' I'm on about you are thinking? Well it's essentially an under eye concealer that has a ring of vitamin E and Apple Seed extract... huh? Basically this means that not only will you be hiding away your dark circles but you'll be doing your skin wonders. It won't crease and will last all day. 
We were all colour matched by the amazing Mark I of course am the palest of the pale(I don't look it at times but trust me-I am!) 
They come in 3 shades; Light, Medium and Deep. I was very lucky to receive all 3 the other night and boy did I have a field day when I was getting my self dolled up to go out last night. 
I used the light shade under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose and a little on my forehead I then contoured with the deep shade. I love contouring with cream products and this is a gem, easy to blend and a beautiful dewy finish too. You can see the results on me below. I can honestly tell you that throughout the night my makeup stayed on without the need for touch ups(well bar my lippy!) which was great so I could spend more time dancing the night away!
 We also got the Hello Flawless powder in honour of it's Birthday which I will review at a later date when I've used it a little. 
I hope you guys get a chance to check out this new concealer and if you do let me know your thoughts bur for now I hope you are all enjoying your paddies day while I nurse an incredibly large hangover..

All the best,
Alice May xx

ps last night I was asked for not my number but my twitter... weird. (commence twitter censor!)
Photo robbed from the Benefit facebook page!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Sparkling Together for 30 Years; Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke Launch

Last night I was at one of the most fun events, the craic was had.
I attended the Marc Jacobs Diet Coke launch for 'Sparkling Together for 30 Years'  in BT2 on Grafton Street, Dublin.
I'm sure you have all seen the add with the undeniably sexy gardner(video at the end of the post if you haven't). Well he of course was in attendence so we all (eventually) worked up the courage to get our photo's taken with him oh and of course he is even better looking in person (swoon).
The event had people going round with the pretty Diet Coke bottles(with red straws no less) designed by Marc with the idea of the 80's, 90's and 00's in mind and the most amazing, yummy cocktails too which I will admit I took full advantage of.
There were also canapé's but I didn't try any so can't comment on that(I was told they were lovely)
Every so often four models would appear from what seemed like nowhere show casing the summer collection which is now available in BT2(I was having an ole goo). To be honest they kind of freaked me out, standing there like manquins while copious amounts of people took their photo.. but they looked well and I have to say I do really like the look of the collection. Socks and sandles seems to be in again(was it ever?) just so long as their heel's!

There was a photo booth there and we all had great fun with it, I think they guy got a little fed up with our antics but we all had a great time!

Before we knew it 8 had rolled around, we were getting our coats and lovely goodie bags before heading into the night for an evening of giggles and conversation(and just a little more alcohol).
All in all I had a fantastic time. It was great seeing my lovely blogger friends and having a fab night out! I love the design Marc has come up with and am excited to see the cans all over the place. I for one will never be opening the bottles and will keep them on display for ever!

All the best,
Alice May xx

ps my camera lens decided to break after I took 2 photo's(picture's of the drinks) so the rest of the night bar Donna's(NotJustInside) photo at the top are all iphone. I used a different lens this morning to take the rest of the photo's. Sorry about that folks!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Osprey Hotel & Spa, Naas Review

Hey everyone, a bit of a different post today but here we go...

I decided to treat myself and my best friend to a night in Osprey Hotel & Spa in Naas Friday the 15th of March to cheer me up from a crappy week and the inner blogger in me made me take pictures(sorry for iphone quality!)

On arrival I was hot and bothersome from walking from the town with my big backpack. With no makeup on and my hair pulled back(but of course my wiry curl's popping out) I walked up to the desk to check in. Now I have to say the only time in my whole experience of staying in the hotel I wasn't very impressed with the service. The lady who was dealing with me was quite abrupt and left me standing there in silence for about 10 minutes while she organised my booking(which I had booked online the day before). I think it probably was because I was young and looked rather like pooh to be honest but that is no reason for being treated any differently. Other then that the staff were lovely stopping what they were doing on the corridors just to say hello!

Anyway after the awky mo-mo of silence I was given my room key and directed towards the lifts. I was staying on the 1st floor in room 105. I straight away loved the room. It was big and airy with a huge bed, TV(with ridiculously priced movies and Internet but isn't that the way in every hotel!?), mini bar(Not stocked unless asked but it didn't bother me) and the most beautiful en suite I have ever had in a hotel room I stayed in. My complaint would be that when booking I booked a King Size bed and like I said it was huge but it turned out to be 2 single beds pushed together which was fine as it was myself and my friend staying but if it where a couple I can't imagine it would be too comfortable!

I headed up to the gym after sussing out the room and I have to say the people in the leisure centre were a delight which was a great pick me up after the check in. The gym is good, I didn't like the cross trainers but other then that it's pretty standard and modern.
When I got back to the room I had a lovely soak in the deep bath which was juts heavenly and I honestly could have fallen asleep, it was bliss in the dimly lit bathroom with the hot water.

Seána arrived soon after and we just lay in bed for a while chatting and trying to work up the energy to do something. We eventually walked into Naas to buy some goodies(to go in our mini fridge) and a chipper for our dinner. We had plans to order desert from room service but they don't do it after 10pm and we happened to only remember at 10 on the button and even then we were stuffed!

After polishing off our food we showered and put on some makeup and at about 10:30 we headed down to the residence bar where the bar staff were very helpful but they all pretty much seemed to really not want to be there(apart from 1 who was lovely and got us a new table as we were using a stool as one by mistake!) I got a Long Island Iced Tea(My favourite cocktail) and Seána got a Cosmopolitan. Hers was lovely mine was OK. I still think that the T.G.I Friday's are the best! They were €10 each so again a little pricey but I wasn't expecting much less to be honest.
There seemed to be a bit of a buzz around the bar which was nice but we were so tired we only stayed about an hour before heading up to our big bed waiting for us. After watching the end of 'Cruel Intentions' on the TV we fell into a deep comfortable sleep.
I woke up at at 10am fully refreshed and headed down to the spa facilities by myself. This was the whole reason I booked this hotel as it has the most amazing facilities that come at no extra cost. When you enter into the thermal area there is a large selection of rooms to wander in and out of from sauna's to steam room's to a below freezing room(I opened the door to this one looked inside, saw all the ice and closed the door-not my cup of tea!). There is also a room with heated tile curved beds to relax on and then also a place to have foot bath. There are a few more rooms that you can book as a treatment which i didn't do but all ready with all of the amazing thermal rooms available I was a happy camper!

I strolled back to the room where Seána was just getting up. We packed up the room and headed down to breakfast. Breakfast is served until 11 and we where there just before. There was a selection of cold continental breakfast or hot English/Irish style breakfast(guess which I went for). When we went back to our table we were presented with toast and pre-ordered tea and coffee. The breakfast wasn't anything special but it filled me up so that's a job done in it's self.

The lady checking us out was a delight.

A double room for night here starts at €130 which is an amazing steal compared to hotels of equal quality up in Dublin. The hotel is 4 star which in my opinion is an accurate rating.

I would highly recommend staying in the Osprey it really gave me a pick me up that I desperately needed!

All the best,

Alice May

Monday, 4 March 2013

Battle of the Eyeliners!

(picture heavy)
Essence Cosmetics have a lot of eyeliners and I mean a lot. I decided to pick out a few randomly(in black) to test and see if they make the cut. For low prices you do sometimes expect low quality so let's see what i discovered...

First up we have the 24h Stays No Matter What felt tip style liner. I've recently got into the felt tip liner craze after finally being converted, I wouldn't use them on clients unless I was giving it to them to keep but they are great for creating a precise line and easy to do the must have flick at the end too.

This one is really pigmented, does stay on all day and is of course easy to apply. I did find that on top of shop eye shadows it wasn't as pigmented but for €3.49 you can't really complain! This is a definite yes on the list!

Moving onto this liquid liner called exactly that 'Essence Liquid Eyeliner'. The product is very pigmented but I'm not sold on the applicator I have to say it's a little big for my taste but I did manage to use it to create a nice look. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who isn't 100% confident in liner yet so therefore I'm going to give this one a miss, sorry!

Next up is the 100% splash-proof eye pencil. This one surprised me immensely, it glides onto the skin so easily meaning none of that rubbing back and forth for what seems like an eternity. This one has a slight sparkle to it which might not be to everyone's taste but I like it and even then you can't really see it that much once it's on. To me it resembles the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil's but at a fraction of the price so it's a perfect dupe without the costly price tag. So we have a another liner making the cut!

Finally we the 2in1 eyeliner pen. if you saw my essence haul video I was really excited about this one. The thicker angled side for the bulk of things and the thinner side for getting those precise flicks. The thin side is amazing, really pigmented and easy to use but the thicker end's pigment is lacking compared to the thin side and almost looks a little brown. maybe I just got a bad pen but going off of this one I would give it a miss and just go with the  24h Stays No Matter What felt tip style liner I spoke about before.
So there you have it! My thoughts on a few of the Essence eyeliners. They're all so affordable so trying them out don't exactly empty the wallet so off you to the penny's or a pharmacy that stocks essence and get some yourself, of course there are still a lot more that I haven't written about so go on in and have a look see.

Have any of you tried out any of the Essence eyeliners? What are your thoughts on them?

Until next time I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice May x