Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Working at the Justin Bieber concert with Essence Cosmetics

Well if you don't follow me on twitter or like my Facebook page you won't be in the know on the latest(amazing) happening's in my life.
Well I was lucky enough to be 'Head Makeup Artist' at the Justin Bieber concert working with Essence Cosmetics. 

Now to clear some things up I wasn't Justin's makeup artist and no, I didn't meet him(so sad!). Essence had a booth at the concert where anyone could get a mini makeover, get their picture taken with a Justin Bieber cut out and whatever product was used in their make over was given to them courtesy of Essence. 
It was fast pace and great fun, I think we did about 1,000 people over the 2 nights which is just crazy! You can see all of the photo's on Essence Ireland's facebook page here. The hype and atmosphere was great as all of Justin's fans got more excited for him on stage, It was wonderful to just be apart of it all. 
All the promo girls, myself and 'The Biebs'
On the second day I arrived earlier then the previous day and did 3 of the 'meet & greet' winners(so jealous!) makeup which was nice as I got to spend more time with each of the girls and give them their 'concert look' for meeting with Justin. Two of the winners didn't actually know they had won so when we did tell them they wouldn't have to settle for the card board cut out it was all worth it, they were so happy and so deserving of it. I am really happy that they were the ones that won it as they were such lovely girls and huge fans of the man himself(I saw two girls wondering around when Justin was on stage the first night, when I asked why they weren't watching they told me they didn't like him-they had just come because they won tickets..)
I got to see about 20 minutes of the concert and from what I saw he was pretty good, the crowd loved him anyway! The stage actual show was put together really well with all of the lights and pre filmed bits. I heard pretty much the whole of the concert the first day which was great fun I was dancing around and singing all of his songs... bitta' fan girling really! 
It was such an amazing experience and I am so unbelievably thankful to Essence and Rave Communications for this amazing opportunity. I have lot's of essence goodies that I can't wait to do a giveaway/competition on but I need to figure a few things out first!

There will probably be a lot about essence on the blog for a while only because I am so excited about the brand at the moment, doing that many 'mini-makeovers' made me pretty familiar with a lot of the products which in turn made me love a lot of them!

Until next time
I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x
Cheeky pic of him in action!