Tuesday, 5 February 2013

VO5 Heat Defence Spray review

 I was in the market over  a year ago now for a heat protection spray for my hair when it is dry. I had no problem finding products for when my  hair was wet or damp but what about when I was to put the straighteners to my dry hair?

My friend Claire introduced me to this beauty VO5 Smoothly Does it Tame & Shine & Spray. It also says on the can that it is a heat defence. Perfect. Originally you were not able to buy this in Tesco; just Boots but on my last trip to Tesco I saw it and nearly cried...

So basically you just spray this in each section of dry hair before you put heat to it so if you're curling, straightening or even crimping spray some of this puppy on the gruaig first. 
It smells absolutely lovely none of that awful hairspray bizzznizzzz.

My hair has definitely been protected as I have few split ends and my hair is growing. This is a big deal for me as my hair has hardly grown in about 5 years but i n the last year it has just got so long(by my standards) 

This spray is also supposed to give a sleek, shine and frizz free finish. Now to be honest I haven't really noticed because it wasn't what I bought this for but one of my best Friends uses it after she styles her hair and says it does just that!

So there you have it! This is my holy grail of a hair product, it's featured in a favourites video and will definitely be in my hair care routine post/video(when i eventually do it..) It costs I want to say under the €5 mark but I can't actually remember! You all need this in your hair routine so get to tesco or boots STAT!

Until next time,
Love & kisses,
Alice x

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