Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day- Stop Moaning!

Today is the day of the year all single people dread. Valentines Day.
But you see that's the thing it is the one day single people don't look forward to but that's it. People do celebrate it but I am yet to see even one sappy Fcebook status or tweet and I have friends who are in relationships, engaged or married. 
Every second status seems to be like 'ugh I hate valentines day' or one that I liked this morning

'Yes roses ar red, dey wer red yesterday nd dey'll still b red 2moro so shut up!!'

I am single and I get annoyed sometimes walking around seeing loved up couples everywhere I go but this isn't just a one day thing it's every time I'm out and about(it's not really jealousy though I'm just not a huge fan of PDA!)

I'm not going to go on about how I'm so sad I don't have a boyfriend blah blah blah because yes sometimes I do wish I was in a relationship but then I'm like 'meh, effort' 
My point is Valentines day is just filled with single people moaning.. and of course lots of businesses jumping on board but who can blame them if they can get some extra business go for it!

So there is my little post on my thoughts of Valentines Day.. Be mine? lol(interpret that as you will- Lot's of Love or Laugh out Loud)


Alice x

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