Friday, 15 February 2013

Pancake Thursday!

Before you all run to panic stations do not worry I did have pancakes on Tuesday. My Mum made lovely savory crepes for dinner and Belgium chocolate pancakes for desert but my sister was not home so didn't get any, because of this she decided to make American style pancakes for the 2 of us on Thursday!

I woke up to see she had the batter complete(perfect for me- no cleaning up!) so we proceeded to cook the yummy goodness. I love this part especially the American style as they are much easier so control(none of this spreading around the pan business)
Before we knew it, it was eating time!
We didn't feel like making Mum's Belgium chocolate sauce so we settled for lemon and sugar as well as the maple syrup I brought back from Canada.
This was my first helping (the butter gives such a nice flavour, sweet & savory if you will)
I had about 5 pancakes(naughty!) rotating between lemon & sugar and maple syrup & butter and they were divine! Kept me full until dinner too(it was a late breakfast so more of a 'brunch')

So there is my second day of pancake eating in 1 week(but surely one must have both kinds!?)
As for the recipe I'm pretty sure my sister just googled 'American style pancake recipie' I know that it did include sugar in the recipe but seeing as we were adding enough sugar after the cooking process she chose to leave it out.

Until next time I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon!
Alice x
ps Did you all indulge this pancake Tuesday week?

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