Saturday, 2 February 2013

Human+Kind Hand, Elbow & Foot Cream Review

Human + Kind are slowly becoming very popular with me. At the Dublin Blogger meet up in the summer we all got a goodie bag which included the Human + Kind day and night cream. I never did a review but I loved it. So when I was asked if I wanted to check out the hand, elbow and foot cream I was like ye-ha! It would normally cost €7.95.

First let's talk about how cute the packaging is! I love the matte feel that their products have and then for this one to be hot pink!? Perfect! This 50ml size is perfect to pop in your handbag to use on the go which is exactly what I did.

The smell is really luxurious. At a first impression I said it smelled of lavender but then I looked on the back. No lavender here folks! I do think that smell came from a mix of the cocoa, Shea butter and then their is some sort of rose ingredient. But anyway all together it smells like a rich creamy lavender to me. Does that makes sense?

Now does it actually work? Well during the winter my hands get extremely dry a mix of the cold weather and the radiators heat; my hands just get all coarse and just not very nice basically.
A few applocations of this and my hands were soft so yes it works all right! The only thing I noticed was that when I didn't use it for about a week my hands were back being dry. I don't know if this is the case with all hand creams or just this one but that was my expereice anyway with it.

I didn't actually try this on my elbows because honestly my elbows don't need it and I didn't try it on my feet either simply because it didn't occur to me! I do as I said keep it in my hand bag so I would forget I had it  until I went looking for it if you get me?

Any time I'm sent something to review I usually ask a few friend and/or my Mum and Sister so have a try. This time I gave my 2 best friends a squeeze and they adored it! Now every time I see them they ask for it or if I take it out to use myself their hands just appear in front of me. I even had one of my guy friends try it he didn't say much but he seemed to like it(I think the smell and appearance of it wasn't masculine enough for  him! ha ha)

So there are my thoughts, this is half gone now but I will definitely purchase when it's all gone. A+ from me!
Here is a link to the website on a list of where you can pick up any Human+Kind products 

Until Next Time,
Love & Kisses,
Alice x


  1. i need a cream like that, would loe if they stocket it in a few shops

    1. Do they not have the hand cream in any of the shops? thats so annoying! It has a lot of places that stocks human + kind, check them alll haha x

    2. I haven't seen it in any of the shops

  2. I love this brand so much haven't tried one thing from them that wasn't excellent!

  3. Sounds like a great cream. I haven't seen this one in store but I will see if I can find it to try it out too!