Thursday, 21 February 2013

Catrice Waterproof Liquid Liner Review

I have been loving eyeliner recently and for the first time I am actually rotating between all different types- pencil, liquid, gel, powder.. I am getting great use out of all my makeup but of course I'm still trying new things out. This Catrice Cosmetics waterproof Liqud Liner is perfect for people starting out with liquid eye liner as it has a super fine but firm applicator (very important, I hate flimsy long brushes). 
The applicator brush(well it's more of a sponge-y type thing then a brush!) means you can do a very slim line and build it up to the thickness you want.
Here are 2 simple lines I did very quickly on my eyes to show you. I added some mascara for the pictures so imagine this with a little more makeup and keep in mind as well that I have very small eye space!

The liner dries super fast and stays put all day. It's waterproof so if you wear contacts like me and your eyes tend to water this is ideal. Also great for those seriously windy days we've been having of late , my makeup has run all over the place in recent days so waterproof is my new best friend.
Using a little bit of eye makeup remover on a cotton pad gets it all off quickly so none of that harsh rubbing at your eyes ladies! This eyeliner gets a thumbs up from me and with catrice products being so affordable you'd be crazy not pick one up for yourself! 

What are your guys favourite type of eyeliners? What's the best one you've tried- I want to know so leave it below in the comments.

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  1. Great review, I prefer liquid to gel liners but I'm dying to try the new eyeliner pen from Essence

    1. I started on liquid, moved to gel then I recently started on the pens. They are AMAZING! There's a few from essence I'm trying and they are just FAB!

  2. Great review, I need a new eye liner pen! My Collection is starting to dry up. Think I'll pick myself up one of these :)

    1. Do, I'm seriously very impressed at how precise you can get the line with this bad boy! Thanks for the comment! x