Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nail Bliss Bling Nail Sticker's Review

You may or may not have seen the picture I posted on Instagram(which you should totally follow me on!) of my nails earlier but here is a whole blog post incase you didn't!

I have seen nail stickers around for a while but it wasn't until I saw Rachel's (a pretty obsession) video on how to apply them that i realised how easy it was. 
I decided to give them a go myself so picked up these zebra/diamond style ones by Bling nail bliss from a pharmacy near me for about €5.50. 


In the set you get 9 different sizes x2. This brand doesn't come with a nail file but I'm sure you all have one lying around somewhere am I right? The stickers are really easy to apply and because my nails are so short I was able to use both ends of the sticker and use half of the amount most people will have to use which of course is great for me but I'm sure those of you with fabulously long nails will need to use one sticker per nail.
I've had the stickers on for a few hours and they feel really secure and look great! I am really happy with them and will definitely purchase them again. I would much prefer if the set came with enough to do your nails twice(I will be able to but not if I had long nails!)
What do you all think of nail stickers or have you tried them?

Until next time,
Love and Kisses,
Alice xx


  1. I've never tried them but I'm so lazy with me nails. I might give them a go now. They don't seem too hard. Great post xx

    1. I hadn't painted my nails since New Years Eve!! There so easy and fast none of that drying time! xx

  2. These dont work on my nails, there does be bubbles and crookedness aplenty :/ there lovely on you though

    1. It's probably much easier to get all the air bubbles out when your nails are as short as mine!

  3. If u start at the bottom u dont get bubbles i am a nail technician but i love these for myself usually enuf in pack to do fingers and toes they go on best if u base coat 1st and cap them