Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mac Strobe Cream Review

 Hey everyone! Today I am reviewing something I hauled a few months ago. MAC Cosmetics 'Strobe Cream'. I got this 50ml cream in the airport in London back in October so thought it was was about time I reviewed it! It is priced at around €30 in Ireland for the biggest size. I got mine for £17. something.

In college we were doing our bridal makeup look when my teacher started to rave about this miracle cream/primer. She said it made you glow and just looked beautiful. I tried it on my hand and I thought 'hmm this is quite nice!'
What the product looks look when squeezed out and above what it looks like rubbed in
I decided that I would buy it if I had enough money on the way home which I did so what  the heck I thought 'may as well'

You put this under foundation, either all over the face or as I like to do where the sun would hit so the places you would put highlighter (the upper cheek bones, bridge of the nose, little on the forehead and even sometimes on the chin). I used this in my bridal look which you can see in my portfolio section of my blog.(6th photo down on page)

Okay so yes this is a really nice product and it does enhance your look and it does give you this undeniable glow that all blushing brides seem to have but at the same time it's nothing life changing. I don't really use it on myself but I suppose I will have it in my kit and to be honest I'll use it so clients will see the name. I don't use a lot of mac products which a lot of people who get their makeup done consider to be bad thing. Maybe it's just because they know the brand is good(it is, just way too expensive for buying a lot of it!)

So all in all this is a 'meh' product I do really like it but when it runs out I won't be in a rush to replace it at the same time. 

Have any of you tried the Mac Strobe cream or the liquid version of it at that point? Let me know your thoughts as you can probably tell I'm a little confused on my opinion!
 Until next time,
Love & Kisses,
Alice x

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