Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lush Pamper Evening: Review

I treated myself to a relaxing bath with my book(that I am struggling so so hard to get through..) and a face mask both of which were possible thanks to Lush.

I've always loved bath bombs because I love to watch them fizzle in the bath and turn the water some funky colour.
This particular night I was trying out the 'Big Blue Bath Bomb' and the 'Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask'

The bath bomb turned my water blue straight away as it broke apart releasing all it's goodness which included bits of seaweed (which is harvested in Japan, Peru and the North Pacific Coast. OoO). To make the bath even more like the sea Lush have added both coarse sea salt as well as fine salt.The lavender oil and the lemon oil relaxed me to the point where reading my book was a no-go as my eyes were growing heavy. As soon as I got out of the bath I could feel my skin was incredibly soft. So much so that I gave the body moisturiser a miss that night. I know. I live on the wild side. 

While I lay in the bath I tried out the fresh face mask. I'm a huge fan of any products that include honey. I don't really know why as I am not a very big on honey it's self but it's something about products that include it that just works wonders for my skin. The idea behind the mask is that it's like a detox for your skin so that when you're worked to the extreme you can give it a bit of a rejuvenation. The honey of course is what moisturises, the sage and rosemary infusions act as antiseptics,  the ginger breaks down the dead skin cells on your face, Ground almond shells act as a stimulating scrub to lift away dead grey skin and so many other ingredients that do all the lovely things to your skin to make it look more awake and feel great!

I found the mask a little hard to apply but then again I have found that with a lot of the lush products. I think this is because the ingredients are so pure and fresh so they don't contain all those weird preservatives that normal products would. Th smell is basically ginger and honey mixed together in my opinion.(not a huge fan of the smell of honey and ginger in the first place so didn't like the smell but if you do like those two things you will like this smell!). My skin was flake free and lovely and soft afterwards. So again a happy bunny!

So all in all I was a very relaxed happy camper after my evening of lush! I've loved lush ever since my friend properly introduced me to it 3 years ago where I spent close €100 on my first trip... whoops!

Check out Lush's website for all of their lovely products and prices 

What are your favourite products from Lush? Mine have to be the bath bombs, jellies and body wash.

Until next time,

Love & Kisses,

Alice x



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  2. I love the bath bombs from Lush, it's so cool that it's like the sea, i'll definitely have to try this one out sometimes soon!

    1. I'm obsessed with them! yeah i was surprised that I liked the little bits of seaweed but it was just so nourishing to my skin!