Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Looking back on 2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I recently uploaded a video about basically what made 2012 so wonderful & if I fulfilled my resolutions. I've never been a big 'resolution making person' but last year I wrote them down and put them in my bed side table. I thought this would make me more accountable so I'm going to do that this year again!

My 2012 Resolutions 
-Pass my driving test- I haven't done this but I have taken the test once and was supposed to take it again on the 20th of December but my back break light wasn't working so I wasn't able but I do think that I will pass very soon
-Loose weight- I lost a very small amount but not as much as I would have liked. This one is going down on my 2013 list!
-Stop biting my nails- Getting there. It's a process! haha
-No hair dying- I can say that I did not dye my hair this year and my hair is in a nice condition as a result!
-Become more sociable- I suffer from social anxiety so this kinda a huge thing and although I'm still working through a lot of things I did in fact become much more sociable this year making more friends and leaving the house more.
-Quit smoking- I attempted 2 or 3 times but haven't succeeded so fingers are crossed for 2013!
-Finish room- I haven't been able to because of money restrictions

Now I'm sure you want to know my 2013 resolutions? Well I still haven't wrote them down! I will share them with you all if I still blog this time next year! If you want to check out my video it's below so enjoy!

Love and Kisses,
Alice x

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  1. love this post, might do one myself.
    Happy new year sweetie