Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Little Update!

Hey everyone!
I wanted to do a quick little blog update as I haven't posted all week! :( I've been getting much better at posting regularly but since going back to college after the Christmas break things have been crazy.

I have at least one exam every week to include one in body painting which is 4 hours of well painting a naked body! I would love to show you all my work but I don't think showing my naked friend would be very appropriate! So along with those exams that are every week this month without fail we have another exam thrown in here and there so college is just busy, busy basically!
(If you would like to take a look at some of my 'normal' makeup looks click on my Portfolio at the top of my blog)

I'm trying to eat super healthy and exercise in the New Year(to include quitting smoking-I'm on day 3!) so to go from no exercise to 5 times a week is kinda crazy. If I'm not exercising I'm so tired the last my brain will do is form proper sentences at times...!

I also want to just add that I am totally taking the rest of New Years resolutions and running with them. Haven't given up yet! haha

So yeah there is a little run down on my life at the moment, might not seem crazy to all but to me I am off my feet with it all!

I have been seeing my friends a lot recently on weekends which is amazing for me but not so good for updating my blog(or YouTube!) so hopefully I'll be back on track soon!

Until next time,

Love & Kisses,
Alice x


  1. Wow college sounds mental, I thought I had it bad:P Well done with being on day 3 of quitting smoking!! I know from friends experiences it's no easy task so whooo you :D I'm trying the whole healthy eating exercising thing too so best of luck with that too :)

    1. This will be I don't know my 4th time trying to quit! Hopefully I'll succeed this time! My best friend is quitting too so at least we can support each other!