Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mac Strobe Cream Review

 Hey everyone! Today I am reviewing something I hauled a few months ago. MAC Cosmetics 'Strobe Cream'. I got this 50ml cream in the airport in London back in October so thought it was was about time I reviewed it! It is priced at around €30 in Ireland for the biggest size. I got mine for £17. something.

In college we were doing our bridal makeup look when my teacher started to rave about this miracle cream/primer. She said it made you glow and just looked beautiful. I tried it on my hand and I thought 'hmm this is quite nice!'
What the product looks look when squeezed out and above what it looks like rubbed in
I decided that I would buy it if I had enough money on the way home which I did so what  the heck I thought 'may as well'

You put this under foundation, either all over the face or as I like to do where the sun would hit so the places you would put highlighter (the upper cheek bones, bridge of the nose, little on the forehead and even sometimes on the chin). I used this in my bridal look which you can see in my portfolio section of my blog.(6th photo down on page)

Okay so yes this is a really nice product and it does enhance your look and it does give you this undeniable glow that all blushing brides seem to have but at the same time it's nothing life changing. I don't really use it on myself but I suppose I will have it in my kit and to be honest I'll use it so clients will see the name. I don't use a lot of mac products which a lot of people who get their makeup done consider to be bad thing. Maybe it's just because they know the brand is good(it is, just way too expensive for buying a lot of it!)

So all in all this is a 'meh' product I do really like it but when it runs out I won't be in a rush to replace it at the same time. 

Have any of you tried the Mac Strobe cream or the liquid version of it at that point? Let me know your thoughts as you can probably tell I'm a little confused on my opinion!
 Until next time,
Love & Kisses,
Alice x

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Nail Bliss Bling Nail Sticker's Review

You may or may not have seen the picture I posted on Instagram(which you should totally follow me on!) of my nails earlier but here is a whole blog post incase you didn't!

I have seen nail stickers around for a while but it wasn't until I saw Rachel's (a pretty obsession) video on how to apply them that i realised how easy it was. 
I decided to give them a go myself so picked up these zebra/diamond style ones by Bling nail bliss from a pharmacy near me for about €5.50. 


In the set you get 9 different sizes x2. This brand doesn't come with a nail file but I'm sure you all have one lying around somewhere am I right? The stickers are really easy to apply and because my nails are so short I was able to use both ends of the sticker and use half of the amount most people will have to use which of course is great for me but I'm sure those of you with fabulously long nails will need to use one sticker per nail.
I've had the stickers on for a few hours and they feel really secure and look great! I am really happy with them and will definitely purchase them again. I would much prefer if the set came with enough to do your nails twice(I will be able to but not if I had long nails!)
What do you all think of nail stickers or have you tried them?

Until next time,
Love and Kisses,
Alice xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

How to Weigh Yourself

How to weigh yourself. This might seem like the silliest post but from talking to friends and family it seems a lot of people don't actually realise they aren't weighing themselves properly ie they are doing so in a way that you won't get a proper reading during your weigh loss/gain.

I am not telling you that you must weigh yourself everyday or at all this is for the people that do weigh themselves all ready. I personally like to weigh myself once a week (on the Sunday to be exact).

When to weigh in
The best time of day to weigh in is first thing in the morning. Before you eat or drink anything and before you get dressed. Remember all of these things have a weight so when they are on/in you they will add to your weight. Try to set a day of the week that you know you will have the time to weigh yourself. This is why I chose Sunday's as very little happens on a Sunday for me and I'm not rushing to college. 

Preparation to weighing yourself
So this might be a bit TMI but before you step on the scales make sure you have gone to the bathroom first to 'relieve your bowels'(ie pee and poop! The 2 P's!). Try to be wearing as little as possible so no dressing gowns or the likes(I usually am just in my pyjama top discarding my bottoms beside the scales!)

What scale to use
This is up to you entirely wheather you use a digital scale, physician balance beam scale or those run of the mill little ticker ones as I call them(don't know the real name!) as long as you know how to use it correctly it's fine. I would say however to use the same scales every time you weigh in as different scales can be off a bit here or there but it doesn't really matter as long as you're using the same one, by using the same scale each time; your actual changes in weight will be accurateDoes that make sense? 

Keep in mind..
Your scales can break and especially if it's a digital scales the batteries might run out. Digital scales can be wrong at times due to 'technical difficulties' or even temperature believe it or not! 
If you are exercising trying to lose weight or tone up remember you can and probably will gain muscle mass and muscle weighs more then fat so if the number isn't moving look in the mirror, how do your clothes feel? There are other ways of tracking your progress then starring at numbers on a screen.

I hope this post has helped some of you out there. I am in no way, shape or form telling any of you to start weighing yourselves all I'm doing is providing information to those that all ready do. Don't become a slave to the scales- none of this weighing yourself daily business, I mean if you do then you won't see much of a difference. Isn't it more fun to see a nice change at the end of the week/month... etc?

Until next time I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x

PS I kinda like this idea on weighing myself...

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Little Update!

Hey everyone!
I wanted to do a quick little blog update as I haven't posted all week! :( I've been getting much better at posting regularly but since going back to college after the Christmas break things have been crazy.

I have at least one exam every week to include one in body painting which is 4 hours of well painting a naked body! I would love to show you all my work but I don't think showing my naked friend would be very appropriate! So along with those exams that are every week this month without fail we have another exam thrown in here and there so college is just busy, busy basically!
(If you would like to take a look at some of my 'normal' makeup looks click on my Portfolio at the top of my blog)

I'm trying to eat super healthy and exercise in the New Year(to include quitting smoking-I'm on day 3!) so to go from no exercise to 5 times a week is kinda crazy. If I'm not exercising I'm so tired the last my brain will do is form proper sentences at times...!

I also want to just add that I am totally taking the rest of New Years resolutions and running with them. Haven't given up yet! haha

So yeah there is a little run down on my life at the moment, might not seem crazy to all but to me I am off my feet with it all!

I have been seeing my friends a lot recently on weekends which is amazing for me but not so good for updating my blog(or YouTube!) so hopefully I'll be back on track soon!

Until next time,

Love & Kisses,
Alice x

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lush Pamper Evening: Review

I treated myself to a relaxing bath with my book(that I am struggling so so hard to get through..) and a face mask both of which were possible thanks to Lush.

I've always loved bath bombs because I love to watch them fizzle in the bath and turn the water some funky colour.
This particular night I was trying out the 'Big Blue Bath Bomb' and the 'Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask'

The bath bomb turned my water blue straight away as it broke apart releasing all it's goodness which included bits of seaweed (which is harvested in Japan, Peru and the North Pacific Coast. OoO). To make the bath even more like the sea Lush have added both coarse sea salt as well as fine salt.The lavender oil and the lemon oil relaxed me to the point where reading my book was a no-go as my eyes were growing heavy. As soon as I got out of the bath I could feel my skin was incredibly soft. So much so that I gave the body moisturiser a miss that night. I know. I live on the wild side. 

While I lay in the bath I tried out the fresh face mask. I'm a huge fan of any products that include honey. I don't really know why as I am not a very big on honey it's self but it's something about products that include it that just works wonders for my skin. The idea behind the mask is that it's like a detox for your skin so that when you're worked to the extreme you can give it a bit of a rejuvenation. The honey of course is what moisturises, the sage and rosemary infusions act as antiseptics,  the ginger breaks down the dead skin cells on your face, Ground almond shells act as a stimulating scrub to lift away dead grey skin and so many other ingredients that do all the lovely things to your skin to make it look more awake and feel great!

I found the mask a little hard to apply but then again I have found that with a lot of the lush products. I think this is because the ingredients are so pure and fresh so they don't contain all those weird preservatives that normal products would. Th smell is basically ginger and honey mixed together in my opinion.(not a huge fan of the smell of honey and ginger in the first place so didn't like the smell but if you do like those two things you will like this smell!). My skin was flake free and lovely and soft afterwards. So again a happy bunny!

So all in all I was a very relaxed happy camper after my evening of lush! I've loved lush ever since my friend properly introduced me to it 3 years ago where I spent close €100 on my first trip... whoops!

Check out Lush's website for all of their lovely products and prices 

What are your favourite products from Lush? Mine have to be the bath bombs, jellies and body wash.

Until next time,

Love & Kisses,

Alice x


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Healthy Lunch Recipe: Chicken Wrap and Jelly!

Some of you may know that I am trying to be healthier in a bid to loose a few pounds as well as just being well healthy! 
I have been eating this for my lunch, it's surprisingly very tasty and low in calories, fat, sugar... basically it's just good for you! I've been taking this lunch to college so it's good for a packed lunch as well as if you're just having a spot to eat at home.

To start you'll need a wrap. You can use 1 large 'brown' wrap or 1 small white wrap(this is from Weight Watchers and only 107 calories)
  As a substitute for Mayonnaise you can use Greek yogurt, I've been using one from glensik but any will do.(I had to make sure none of my family ate all of the yogurt on me- hence the label!). Spread a tea spoon full all over your wrap. I know yogurt seems like the last thing you would put on a wrap but trust me it's pretty good! 
It's chicken time! It would be better if you cooked a fillet of chicken yourself but for convenience I got this roast chicken from Tesco. Dice the chicken and line it in the middle of the wrap. You can also use other meats such as turkey. It's important to have protein in every meal.
Next add some lettuce. I used mixed lettuce and again any lettuce goes. I normally only like ice burg but for some reason in this wrap it tastes pretty good!

This is the best part of the wrap for me. It truly makes it taste absolutely delicious! Drizzle a little across the chicken and lettuce.
You can also add other vegetables such as peppers or cucumber. Veggies are good folks!
Roll your wrap up, tuck in the edges and voila! You have a tasty lunch ready to eat or store in the fridge for tomorrow's packed lunch!(I always make my Lunch for college the night before)
If you're like me and you like to have something else with your lunch specifically something sweet. These jelly/jello pots from Hartleys are perfect! They have no fat and at less then 10 calories per pot you would be silly  not to include one in your lunch! 
So there is a lunch that I'm enjoying so I thought I would share it with you all. Let me know if you would like more posts like this with different ideas for healthy alternatives.

Until Next Time, I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you all soon,
Alice x

PS This is  the first post using picture's from my new camera-thoughts?!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

MOVIE:The Impossible- My Thoughts

Today is slightly different to my normal posts but I have literally just walked in the door from the cinema. I saw the new(ish) movie 'The Impossible'. It surrounds the true story of a family who were holidaying in Thailand when the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami hit back in 2004. The family gets split up and they're all basically looking for each other. It's not quite as straight forward as that but you get the general drift.

I wrote a post back in August of 2012 about how I was affected by The Batman movie which you can read here. Well basically the same thing happened only worse. 
I found the movie unbearably hard to watch, now don't get me wrong the movie is amazing but there is no way I will watch it again. The pure devastation of the horrible disaster was recreated so well that you'd swear you were watching a documentary.
The terror of the families, the sadness of ones who were searching for loved one, the many body bags which included tiny little baby size bags... 

I cried throughout the entire movie and I wasn't alone, I could hear sniffing throughout the entire screen and to say the cinema was quiet.. I have never heard a quieter cinema screen in my life, no one spoke a word throughout the movie and we all left pretty much in silence when it was over. 

The movie is so powerful but I have never felt so upset about a movie and I'm not sure I like this feeling.

I want to give back to world. I feel as a human being who has lived such an easy life compared to a lot of people I need to help. I don't know how I will do it yet or what I will do but in some way I need to do my part as a human being. I will of course let you know what that it is when I figure it out for myself..

So as you can gather 'Th Impossible' had a huge impact on me and I would erge you all to go and see it, watch it online, rent it on DVD just see it. 

I do apologise if none of this makes that much sense as I said I am only just in the door with all these emotions and thoughts that I had write them down(Get a diary Alice!) 

Until next time,
I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x

Saturday, 5 January 2013

John Freida Full Repair Range Review

I'm super excited to be able to review this range for you all today. You may or may not know that I have very curly hair naturally. With curly hair come dry and frizzy-ness; a horrible combination so I am always looking to try new things on my hair to help control the ole 'gruaig'.
The range is supposed to revive over styled hair and give your hair full body and volume

'With Inca Inchi, a lightweight micro-oil rich in omega-3, this formula repairs the look and feel of overworked hair and adds body for full, flowing styles. Detangles strands, reducing the risk of breaking and snagging while combing or brushing.'

The packaging is really a really nice red(very fitting as I received them just before Christmas!) and I don't know about you but I have always liked the look of John Freida products, really simple & easy to get every last bit of product out of the squeezy tube!

I tried the range for a few weeks and I am impressed with how my hair feels. I'm not hugely picky on my shampoo & conditioner I usually just go for one for dry or frizzy hair but don't think much about it! I do however have a routine after the shower so to give this range a full chance I didn't use anything that I normally use which was hard at first but when my hair didn't suffer I was okay.

The shampoo lather's up really nicely and doesn't really have a smell the same as the conditioner it's not that it's unpleasant it's pleasant but just not a duo I recommend solely on 'It smells wonderful!' You use a normal amount of shampoo and probably a little less then you would think of the conditioner so they both have lasted really well.

The Deep Infusion Perfect ends is quite watery when I pumped about 2-3 pumps per go into my hand so keep those fingers closed! But all the same I worked it into my hair easily enough concentrating on the ends but then putting the remainder all over my hair. I wound't go as far as calling it an oil but it isn't that liquid either so It's somewhere in between I suppose!
There wasn't a change straight away but as I have been using the range for a while I have noticed now that my hair is drying way less frizzy and with a nice bit of body in my curls.

I am very happy with the range. It also reminded me how nice John Freida products are! I used to use the blonde range(when I was blonde obviously) and always liked it, my younger Brother really likes that range even if I have heard some negative reviews.

Have any of you tried this range? 

Until next time,
I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Looking back on 2012 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I recently uploaded a video about basically what made 2012 so wonderful & if I fulfilled my resolutions. I've never been a big 'resolution making person' but last year I wrote them down and put them in my bed side table. I thought this would make me more accountable so I'm going to do that this year again!

My 2012 Resolutions 
-Pass my driving test- I haven't done this but I have taken the test once and was supposed to take it again on the 20th of December but my back break light wasn't working so I wasn't able but I do think that I will pass very soon
-Loose weight- I lost a very small amount but not as much as I would have liked. This one is going down on my 2013 list!
-Stop biting my nails- Getting there. It's a process! haha
-No hair dying- I can say that I did not dye my hair this year and my hair is in a nice condition as a result!
-Become more sociable- I suffer from social anxiety so this kinda a huge thing and although I'm still working through a lot of things I did in fact become much more sociable this year making more friends and leaving the house more.
-Quit smoking- I attempted 2 or 3 times but haven't succeeded so fingers are crossed for 2013!
-Finish room- I haven't been able to because of money restrictions

Now I'm sure you want to know my 2013 resolutions? Well I still haven't wrote them down! I will share them with you all if I still blog this time next year! If you want to check out my video it's below so enjoy!

Love and Kisses,
Alice x