Monday, 10 December 2012

Flawless Finish with Blank Canvas F18 Brush

I received an email recently showing the Blank Canvas F18 Brush and right away I wanted to write about it as it looks just AMAZING!

The F18 brush is a small duo fibre brush made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres  costing just €14 and is perfect for buffing/stippling foundation on but great for all other cream products like blush as well. I've wanted a small one for quite some time for those little areas a big one just can't reach like the corners of your nose so maybe this is the one for me!?

I am a huge fan of duo fibre brushes I've been using the MAC 187 for years now, have a Makeup4Ladies(funny name I know) one in my makeup kit and a Crown brush sadly sitting isolated as I melted some of the bristles(long story). Basically I just love them! They give such a flawless air brushed appearance that just can't be compared to your bog standard flat foundation brush.

I think I will treat myself to a Blank Canvas F18 Brush once I finish my Christmas shopping(if I have any money left over!) as I've wanted to try out the blank canvas brushes for quite some time so getting this email has certainly made me want to give it a real try!

Do any of you own this or any other blank canvas brush? Will you be getting your hands on one of these babies?

Blank Canvas Cosmetics are available to purchase online at

Until next time I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x


  1. I have the f80 flat kabuki ... Best..brush...ever

    1. I've heard great things about that brush, really thinking a christmas treat to myself is due..!!

  2. I have this brush and like it a lot - I like duo fibres in general xo

  3. I asked for a brush like this for Christmas so I can start to get the *airbrushed* look on my skin!

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