Friday, 21 December 2012

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Review

I'm sure you all know by now(or should know!) that I am a fully qualified Beauty therapist. I do all sorts of treatments one of them being spray tans. I also have a whole box filled with self tanner so to say I have used my fair share of tan-tastic products would be an understatement.

Marissa Carter who owns Carter Beauty in Blackrock is the most lovely woman who has been chatting away to us bloggers on twitter for some time. Well she has come out with this (gorgeously pink packaged) 1 hour self tan. I honestly have become really lazy with applying tan; we're not allowed wear it in college so I haven't been too pushed. So when I heard all of the rave reviews I was a little like 'Okay I'm sure it's great but a bit of Sally on stand by will do me grand'. When I however won a bottle of the Cocoa Brown tan and did my patch test I immediately liked the idea of the moose so I decided to give the tan an in debt review.

I applied a layer really easily to my pasty legs(eek can't believe I'm showing you all a picture!) with my (not the cleanest-oops) tanning mit. I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely the moose went on(the only moose tan I've used is when I stole some of Mum's St.Tropez when I was about 12!) and even more surprised at how fast it dried! You don't use too much product and something that you clean freaks out there like me will appreciate-it doesn't go everywhere! 
1 Hour Later
When I looked at my legs I thought oh no... it doesn't look very nice, I can't give a bad review can I!? But I popped into the shower anyway and gave my legs a rinse. I patted them dry and to my amazement the colour was even and brown. Not orange ladies. Brown
The colour was a nice subtle glow and I felt wonderful! 
(sorry for the iPhone snap, I didn't have a camera around!)
When I do false tan I like to be that little bit darker so the next day I repeated the process and again before I showered I thought. Crap, I shouldn't have done another layer! But once more I rinsed, patted dry and like magic the colour was gorgeous!
I apologise for the photo's not being the best quality, with the time of day, lighting and all other things it's quite hard to take a picture of your own legs. But please take my word for it from a beautician and beauty blogger that this tan is the new must have at home self tanner and at only €7.99 I'm pretty sure that's cheaper the Sally Hansen! 

Check out the fab new site here and let me know if you are going to try/have tired Cocoa Brown and let me know your thoughts!

love and kisses,
Alice x

ps My cousin actually borrowed some of the tan for a wedding 2 weeks ago and she loved it. She's been harassing me asking me where I got it, where she can get it yada yada yada so there's another quick review for you! 


  1. Great review, I love the stuff! My new fave tan x

    1. Thank you! It's my new fave too! x

    2. Is this a tan you gradually build up over a few days & is there different types like light, medium, dark?

    3. Is this a tan you gradually build up over a few days & is there different types like light, medium, dark?

    4. There is just the one colour but you can build it up. Seeing as each layer only takes an hour it's not too bad!