Saturday, 29 December 2012

I was Blonde!?

Every time I tell people that I used to have blonde hair it takes a photo for proof and then another to prove I have in fact been blonde more then once!

The first time I was bleach blonde was when I was 15 I think. Maybe younger or older but I got a bleach kit and that was that!

After that I dabbled with high lights and brown tones until I felt the blonde itch again so once more I grabbed a bleeching kit. I was 18 then. I kept up that act for about 6 months before dying my hair nearly black and that was the last time I dyed my hair! 

So 5 months off my 21st Birthday I haven't dyed my hair in 2 years which is so weird for me as I had been dying my hair since I was 12 every few months!

I might do a 'my hair story' post some day but for now this is just a look back on my my super bright blonde-ness.

Love & Kisses,
Alice x

ps isn't it crazy that I look the exact same now as I did when I was 15 let alone when I was 18...

Friday, 28 December 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Christmas!
I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Christmas day with your loved ones.

I have been taking a little bit of a break from the Internet just checking in here and there but I will be back to regular posting soon with a lot of reviews and fun things planned.
Especially that I was very fortunate to receive a new camera for Christmas- a Nikon D5100! So with the new posts there will hopefully be better quality picture's!

Love & Kisses,

Alice x

Friday, 21 December 2012

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Review

I'm sure you all know by now(or should know!) that I am a fully qualified Beauty therapist. I do all sorts of treatments one of them being spray tans. I also have a whole box filled with self tanner so to say I have used my fair share of tan-tastic products would be an understatement.

Marissa Carter who owns Carter Beauty in Blackrock is the most lovely woman who has been chatting away to us bloggers on twitter for some time. Well she has come out with this (gorgeously pink packaged) 1 hour self tan. I honestly have become really lazy with applying tan; we're not allowed wear it in college so I haven't been too pushed. So when I heard all of the rave reviews I was a little like 'Okay I'm sure it's great but a bit of Sally on stand by will do me grand'. When I however won a bottle of the Cocoa Brown tan and did my patch test I immediately liked the idea of the moose so I decided to give the tan an in debt review.

I applied a layer really easily to my pasty legs(eek can't believe I'm showing you all a picture!) with my (not the cleanest-oops) tanning mit. I was pleasantly surprised at how nicely the moose went on(the only moose tan I've used is when I stole some of Mum's St.Tropez when I was about 12!) and even more surprised at how fast it dried! You don't use too much product and something that you clean freaks out there like me will appreciate-it doesn't go everywhere! 
1 Hour Later
When I looked at my legs I thought oh no... it doesn't look very nice, I can't give a bad review can I!? But I popped into the shower anyway and gave my legs a rinse. I patted them dry and to my amazement the colour was even and brown. Not orange ladies. Brown
The colour was a nice subtle glow and I felt wonderful! 
(sorry for the iPhone snap, I didn't have a camera around!)
When I do false tan I like to be that little bit darker so the next day I repeated the process and again before I showered I thought. Crap, I shouldn't have done another layer! But once more I rinsed, patted dry and like magic the colour was gorgeous!
I apologise for the photo's not being the best quality, with the time of day, lighting and all other things it's quite hard to take a picture of your own legs. But please take my word for it from a beautician and beauty blogger that this tan is the new must have at home self tanner and at only €7.99 I'm pretty sure that's cheaper the Sally Hansen! 

Check out the fab new site here and let me know if you are going to try/have tired Cocoa Brown and let me know your thoughts!

love and kisses,
Alice x

ps My cousin actually borrowed some of the tan for a wedding 2 weeks ago and she loved it. She's been harassing me asking me where I got it, where she can get it yada yada yada so there's another quick review for you! 

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

First Impressions: Ugg Dakota Moccasin's

For anyone who follows me on twitter (which you can do here) I was tweeting as I was doing a spot of Christmas shopping which included making a purchase for yours truly, c'est moi! 

I have wanted a pair of tan Ugg Dakota Moccasin's for 2 years since my cousin Máire first came to spend Christmas with us and she sported a pair. Basically they are slippers but because of the sole on the bottom you can wear them out doors too! They keep your feet really snug, warm and dry! 
I couldn't justify spending nearly €100 on a pair of well slippers essentially but as the idea of them stuck in my head for so long and I found myself thinking you know what I could wear with this outfit? You get the idea I really wanted them!

To me their kind of like the ballet flats/pumps of winter. It's far too cold for the dainty shoes but sometime boots are just not what you want to wear either so i give you moccasin's!
I got mine €90 in Schuh.(€100 without student discount) They were being sold in Arnotts for €95 and you can get the 'Ansley'(look like loafers) in House of Fraser, BT2 and the 2 shops that stock the Dakota as I said(I've done my research!)

The box that they came in says that they are made with water resistant material's. I don't remember seeing thing on my classic tall Uggs I got a few years ago so this is a welcome improvement in my books! I also sprayed this protectant spray I got in the Walking company when I was in the states 4 years ago. 

Baiscally i am in love them so far so let's see how they stand the test of time!

Until next time, I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x
ps I was a bad blogger and have been wearing the Uggs since I got them inside and out before photographing 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Flawless Finish with Blank Canvas F18 Brush

I received an email recently showing the Blank Canvas F18 Brush and right away I wanted to write about it as it looks just AMAZING!

The F18 brush is a small duo fibre brush made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres  costing just €14 and is perfect for buffing/stippling foundation on but great for all other cream products like blush as well. I've wanted a small one for quite some time for those little areas a big one just can't reach like the corners of your nose so maybe this is the one for me!?

I am a huge fan of duo fibre brushes I've been using the MAC 187 for years now, have a Makeup4Ladies(funny name I know) one in my makeup kit and a Crown brush sadly sitting isolated as I melted some of the bristles(long story). Basically I just love them! They give such a flawless air brushed appearance that just can't be compared to your bog standard flat foundation brush.

I think I will treat myself to a Blank Canvas F18 Brush once I finish my Christmas shopping(if I have any money left over!) as I've wanted to try out the blank canvas brushes for quite some time so getting this email has certainly made me want to give it a real try!

Do any of you own this or any other blank canvas brush? Will you be getting your hands on one of these babies?

Blank Canvas Cosmetics are available to purchase online at

Until next time I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Beauty Blogger Tag

I'm here with another tag as it's late on a Sunday night but I really wanted to blog! I hadn't realised the time had crept up and it's been a while since my last post, college has been crazy busy coming up to Christmas and then with Birthday's and Wedding's blogging was the last thing on my mind!

This is the Beauty Blogger tag that I found when I googled those exact words, please do do the tag and link me it in the comments! 

Why did you start blogging and how long have you been blogging for?
I started a blog agesss ago but didn't really get into is then when my best friend Claire (her blog) I started up again and once more stopped. Then I went to a blogger meetup and from there I have loved blogging as it's another way to talk to like minded people and about the stuff a lot of friends get bored of hearing(not all beauty fan's.. cray cray I know!).

Whose blog did you fall in love with first?
Apart from Claire's? Sarah or adoreabubbles as she was a youtuber first like me and was the organiser of the blogger met up I attended. She would be one of my closest friends that I've met through YouTube and blogging

Most important part about doing a blog post?
That you like what you're writing. Every now and then I read a post that I know is sponsored and you  can tell their making up that they like the product so that is very important. I also think good pictures(says the one with no picture's on this post!) 

What kind of camera do you use?
I use a canon s90, my iPhone 4 and a Nikon DSLR that I don't know which one. I am getting a Nikon D5100 soon though.

What was the first blogosphere hyped about product you bought and was it worth the hype?
Definitely the Urban Decay Naked Palette. I would never have thought of getting it if it wasn't for the great reviews

What are your favourite five things about blogging and being a beauty blogger?

1) Meeting great woman(mostly) and talking to them on twitter and through comments

2) Blabbing on about what I want to talk about and getting some of those emotions out on the key board

3) Sometimes I get sent free things(very, very rare) which to me is the coolest thing in the world and is the most fun! I haven't had one thing that I haven't really liked yet either 

4) It's nice to not have to get all done up like would for a youtube video 

5) Every time I get a comment it makes my day or a new follower especially on the blog as I do find I get more traffic easier on YouTube so when it happens on here I'm all like WOW

What have you learned from being a beauty blogger?
That it's a nicer place to be then YouTube.(I've had no hate where as on YouTube...), There are so many wonderfully talented people out there writing about stuff that I like and we can talk and get excited about things and that I'm not as good at writing as I thought I was in school..

Have you changed anything since being a beauty blogger?
I've learned how to do things on a computer more. As is I was always computer savy but I'm learning things that are slightly more difficult like HTML. My cousin designs websites and she taught it all to herself which is amazing so I'd love to be able to a little bit of that side of things!

What advice would you give to a beauty blogger just starting out?
Keep at it. It's a slow process and I'm still climbing but it's fun! Talk to other bloggers you need to stick together and support each other. There's no point wishing people will comment on your blog if you don't do the same and I mean genuine comments that are to do with their post!

Your Favorite Eyeshadow Palette?
My Urban Decay Naked palette or my inglot freedom system palette

The Best Beauty Deal?
Essence I heart stage eye primer all though I haven't been using eye primer for ages!

Makeup Regrets?
Elizabeth Arden foundation compact

Name your top five Beauty brands!
Revlon, Mac, Inglot, Max Factor and Benefit

Recommend your top five favourite beauty products! 
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette
  • Revlon Color Stay Foundation
  • Eldora false lashes
  • Sally Hansan Nail Polish
  • Inglot Eye shadows
And that's that! I hope you guys enjoy this, I hope to have a few 'proper' posts up soon including a post I've been writing for weeks but is a very topical one so i have to be careful on how I write it.(nothing to do with beauty either) 
Sorry if this post makes no sense I am half asleep...

Until next time, 
I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x