Saturday, 3 November 2012

My portfolio/Makeup course update

If you're new to my blog then you might not know that I am currently attending college studying Theatrical and Media Makeup so I thought I'd do an update on the course!

Well firstly let me just say.. it is HARD! I honestly thought it was going to be really easy but there is so much work to be done it's crazy!

We have 19 fashion looks to be examined in and to be honest I don't know how many theatrical/special effects we have and then there are a few more on top to include a few body paints... yeah I know. Crazy.

The work behind each look is quite difficult and time consuming. For each look you must have a cover page, written research/introduction, mood board, step by step guide, consultation form, face chart and before & after pictures which you must style accordingly.

If anyone would like me to go into more detail as to what each step entails just drop me a comment or a tweet and will do!

So that's a quick update I may do little things like this in the future but for now I'll just show you a few picture's that I will be including in my portfolio and that I have completed.

Until Next Time I Hope You're All Well and I'll Talk To You Soon,
Alice x

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