Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Marilyn Monroe Collection

I'm not sure if I have clarified just how much I love Marilyn Monroe. I've had an 'obsession'(bit of a strong word but It describes it pretty well!) with her for a very long time. There fore I have built up a bit of a collection which is always expanding so I thought I would share it with you all today!
 (picture heavy, let it load the photo's are worth it ;) )

Firstly is my 'Hollywood Mirror' as I like to call it. All of the picture's are from my last years calender that was filled with beautiful pictures of Marilyn. They remind me of polaroids.
This picture was a gift from my little Brother(most of my collection have been gifts) years and years ago. It has 2 pictures of Marilyn and then her filmography is in the other box, beautifully framed of course.
This Pop Art style canvas picture was a present from my older Brother which I he got in France when he lived there as a Christmas present. It is a nice medium size that I hang in my room but can't wait to hang it in my living room when I move out(this is just where I imagine it even though I have no plans to leave home anytime soon..)
This alarm clock that doesn't work anymore from me constantly pushing is off my bedside table in the mornings it woke me up was a present from  my Mum. I still keep it beside my bed just as a decoration really!
This is a small black and white canvas print I bought in a discount shop for €2 in Toulouse a few years ago, bargain or what!? 
This is definitely my favourite item in my collection a gift from my sister which she got in 'The Book Stop' I believe. It's a huge coffee table book that is just amazing, the images are beautiful with different flaps that contain things like a copy of a scene from a script with Marilyn's notes, personal cheques... so many amazing things that makes you feel like you have a part of Marilyn.. in a non creepy way! 
This book I got in a discount book shop it's really small but still a coffee table type book with lots of black and white pictures with a small description of each photo.
I have every movie Marilyn was in; you can get sets of her DVD's in HMV and sometimes in Tesco. This is a must have in any collection! (not all in the picture, my younger Brother robbed a few to watch!)
Finally is my newest edition, This lipstick 'Scarlet Ibis' from the limited edition Marilyn Monroe collection is MAC cosmetics. I've used it twice but I keep it on display and don't plan on using it too much as I want to keep it forever. A little weird? It's a matte red and really nice. I bought a lip liner as well from the collection but it's nothing special to Marilyn. 

And that my friends is my collection! I'm not bragging everyone has a hobby, a love, obesession if you will and mine is Marilyn Monroe, I admire her beauty, her talent and wish I could have been alive when she was.

Until next time, I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x


  1. you really like marilyn (': love what you did with the mirror.x

    1. Nah not a huge fan, where would you get that from? haha. Thanks i love looking at all the picture's while I brush my teeth haha x

  2. Great collection you have there, i have loved her since I was a little girl