Thursday, 22 November 2012

Inis the energy of the sea cologne review

In the summer I went to a blogger meet up which inspired me to really get into blogging we all received a goody bag each that contained fun bits and bobs. Among the items were two Inis perfume samples. 

So my opinion of Inis before the samples was that it was for older woman and wouldn't be for the 'younger consumer'. When I smelled the sample I was presently surprised it smelled amazing and would be exactly the type of smell I would go for. So when I received a 50ml bottle I got pretty excited. 

I didn't want to just try it for myself so I got my sister and Mum to try it and tell me what they thought of it.

My Mum quite liked it but I think she's still going to stick to her Dior perfume(the only perfume she's worn since before I can remember!) she loved the packaging the misty bottle has a really nice feel that Mum liked. She also told me to tell you all that if you're going to visit someone in a different country that it makes a great gift that is very Irish but different from your normal pick(like turf as I joked).

My sister loved it. She said it was like a men's cologne but for woman. Which makes sense as this is a uni-sex cologne that 'evokes the male and female sides of each individual, combining the secrets of nature and creating a feeling of sensuality.'

so the technical side of things so you know what you're going to smell like! 

Top Notes
Sparkling, diffusive citrus, notes of Sicilian lemon, bergamot, neroli and traces of marine notes.
Middle Notes
Muguet(Lily of the valley and geranium
Bottom Notes
Enrichening and deepening spice notes of cloves and nutmeg, combined with sandalwood, oakmoss and musk 

I would highly recommend this cologne and think it would make a great present this Christmas be it for a foreign friend or you sister I think most people would like the scent. I would say that if you're into really fruity light smells you probably won't like this one but do try and get in and give it a sniff for yourself. 

Click here to see the full range of the energy by the sea collection for prices and all of those details.

Until next time I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you all soon,
Alice x