Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Eldora Handmade Lashes Review

I had never heard of Eldora lashes before but when I was given the chance to try them after doing some research I was really excited to give them a go! Then weirdly enough one of my Teacher's in college was raving about them a few days ago!

The lashes I was given to try are the H121 Human Hair 'light and curvy natural lashes with shorter width'
 I held on to them until the right time so when I was doing a look in college that they fit into I got super excited! The lashes aren't on me but they they look fab on my gorgeous friend Kate!
 The lashes are really easy to apply, I can't say anything about the glue that comes with them as I always use my Duo glue as it's never failed me before but I'm sure it does the job!

My favourite thing about the lashes is that the band is really thin so you don't have to have a really thick eyeliner to hide the fact that their fake in fact I didn't apply any liner to the lash line!

All lashes are hand made which is kinda cool really! 

The company sell a huge variety of lashes from day to theatrical to feathers to individuals in both synthetic and real human hair. 

The lashes start at £3.90 I believe. The pair I am reviewing sells for £4.50

Ultimately I am really pleased with the lashes and would encourage you all to check out their website to find out a bit more and the shop if you want a sneaky purchase! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, let me know if you've ever tried these lashes or if you will now ha ha!

Until next time,
I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x

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  1. Great review! I'll have to try those lashes next time. It's so lovely to meet another Irish Beauty Blogger! :)

    Belle Morte Beauty