Friday, 19 October 2012

Benefit's First Cream Blush Reveal!

I mentioned in the last post that we were shown a brand new product by Benefit but wasn't sure if we could talk about it.. turns out. We can(yeay!). Benefit always realeses something just gawjuz at the end of January usually a box powder(who said Hoola bronzer!?..okay I'll stop) but they decided to shake things up and have invented this cream blush/highligher!

The lighting wasn't the best in the event location and I kinda forgot to take a photo of the swatch on my hand.
Basically there are 3 colours:
Pink Blush
Coral Blush

So you can just swipe it on your cheek, blend and voila the perfect cheek combo! You can always pick out one of the colours of blush and apply it to your lips(does bene tint have cometition!?) 

The wee slogan behind this product is 'You have the right to get gorgeous'. How cute is that!

The name of this product is(drum roll please) 'Fine One One' and will be available to buy at the end of January 2013(well that's scary to write!)

How excited are you? Will you be snapping one of  these up?
Let me know in comment form!

Until next time I hope you're all well and I'l talk to you soon,
Alice x

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