Monday, 10 September 2012

Organising 101- Heel's Galore!

My very first post was all about how I was going to do a mini series where I shared how I organise things. Well I did one post on it and never went back to it! So i woke up this morning(feeling marginly better) wanting to blog but what about I asked myself?

How I organise my heel's!

So I don't own as many heels as a lot of woman but I feel I have a decent enough collection! I don't wear heel's all that often so having them on display and looking pretty is the main purpose of how I store mine anyway!

So This is where I store my Heel's! The top two shelves in one of my wardrobes.

So the two shelves fit two row's of five on each shelf so that's 20 all together(I have 17 pairs). I think it looks nicer if you put one shoe facing forward and one the other way it also makes it easier to decide which pair to wear. I like to put my favourite pairs to the front on the lower shelf as I'm a shortie!

So that's my quick little organising post, let me know if you are interested in more like this and I'll get on it! 

Until next time I hope you're all well, I hope I'm well next time I post and I'll talk to you soon,



  1. Ooh it all looks so neat, do you fancy hopping on a plane to sort my wardrobe out?!