Sunday, 16 September 2012

My Week In Picture's #9

So here I am again, only one post in between my last week in picture's... 
Well I actually have 3 posts coming up that I was hoping to have done today but the Mother took the camera away with her which holds all the photo's needed to blog! 
I start college tomorrow so if that's not to hectic being the 1st week I'll be blogging like mad!
My favourite food especially when I'm sick is Avenmore Tomato soup which Mum got for me!|My week looked like this really;fluids,pain killers,tissues,bed & reading-sicky!|Santa started following me on Twitter!|Puppy Cuddles|Testing my new waterproof case in the shower|A picture holdy thing broke that i've had for YEARS :(

I went to college and got my kit for the year!|new blogger on our hands!|Home from the blogger meet up|Nails of the day|New project that I'll be blogging about|Cutie Lucy just cause

And there is my week! It was a long one, being sick, getting ready to go back to college, minding the dog(cheer's for abandoning me family!), Working, Blogger meet up(by far the highlight of the week) and just general boring life activities!

My life is about to get a lot more exciting from tomorrow, I can't wait to start my course! As I learn you learn cause I will be sharing!

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Until next time I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x


  1. Hi Alice, i am now following you! would you like to follow me? I am also an irish blogger! Happy blogging! xxx

  2. nice!

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