Sunday, 19 August 2012

My Week in Picture's #5

So here we are week five my week in picture's where I pull a few(I say a few as the post would be WAY too long if I included every photo I instagramed during the week!) picture's from my Insagram!
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My sister and I made home made pizza from scratch, chicken and roasted veg as our toppings! YUM

I did makeup on my first ever photo shoot, which I'll probably do a post on when I get the actual photo's but here are my side line pics!

We did the shoot in Howth(Bull Island) and there were plenty of lovery views just like this! GORGE!

I'll tell you a night in your snug bed with a good book(kindle) and a glass of white wine is a MUST every now and then!
My cat Poppy and my puppy Lucy have never got on but here's hoping!

I threw a farewell party for my Friend Kasper who is moving to Glasgow for a year(sad face!)  so we took a photo for our friend who couldn't make it!

I have been so bad at blogging a tubing but I'll get it all up and running again cause I mean hello it's kinda my life... my favourite thing to do really!

Until next time I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x

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  1. I CANNOT wait to see the photos from the photoshoot. I bet you had so much fun :D