Thursday, 26 July 2012

YouTube/Blogger Gel Nail's!

UPDATE: after less then a week the side of the nails chipped in a major way and I ended up taking them off! My nail beds are quite small so I think maybe the nail tips they used were too big. I did however do a lot of activities that involved my hands such as cooking,cleaning, dog washing.. So maybe it was my own fault?

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I treated myself to some gel nail's the other day!
Basically my friend Seána was running late for our mooch around town and without my kindle and low battery on my phone I decided I'd see if the Jervis shopping centre Nail Bar had an opening. To my luck they did!

So I sat myself down and started chatting to the lovely Korean girl who did my nails as well as a girl from Lithuania I think she said. Originally I was going to get french tips but then I remembered one time I was in river island and the girl at the checkout had the most amazing pink glittry polish on but when I asked what it was called she told me it was gel so that was what I wanted!

The girl and Seána(who has arrived half way through) convinced me just tips would look better which is probably true but I kinda wish I had just gone for the full glitter look... 
So anyway after about an hour and a half my treatment was done(so relaxing you have no idea! It was so nice to be getting a beauty treatment rather then doing them for a change!). I forked over the €55 (so much I know but I REALLY wanted to treat myself and I have been working really hard long hours) 

I'm very happy with them, they remind me of my YouTube/Blog user name PinkGlitter10 which will be perfect for the meet up this weekend! I think I may be addicted...!!

I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon!

Alice XX

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  1. cute nails! Love the color and the touch of glitter.

    Xoxo fashionerra