Sunday, 29 July 2012


Photo 'borrowed' from Adoreabubbles :)
I went to the Dublin Blogger Meet Up yesterday and it was AMAZING! 

I did vlog a little so there is a video on my youtube channel which you can watch here but considering the meet up was more blog orientated I decided to talk about it all mostly on here!

I'm going to break it into two posts one about the meet up and one showing all the goodies I got! Prepare yourself for some pretty long posts!

So we all met at the GPO at midday(okay no, myself and Claire were nearly half an hour late! Whoopsies!)

After having a wee chat we all headed over to Lush on Henry Street where we all had our readings from their new 'Emotional Brilliance' range. 
Now it would take a full post to talk about it all so I'm going to link you again to Sarah's blog as that's where I first heard about it! But basically it's an amazing new makeup range based all around you emotions of that very moment!
It was all a bit of fun and the staff were amazing and helpful. I do apologise if people thought I was crying the whole time, one of my contacts was being a pain so it ruined my makeup with some crafty eye watering, i eventually just washed my hands and changed the contact right there in the shop!

Claire looking very intrigued 
Hannah being a good blogger taking picture's!

At the end of our visit we were asked what our favourite colour was for a survey. Only it wasn't for a survey at all.
We ALL got a full sized bottle of prettiness AND mascara! MADNESS! I got a lovely cream pinky lipstick called 'perspective' and I will post picture's and reviews in my post very soon! Promises! 

We then mosied on to Arnottts were we met with the lovely Gemma at the Benefit counter. She did Alycia's makeup explaining the prep prime and perfect line to us and we passed them around having a little feel!

I was trying to be artsy but it turned out blurry..
Gemma also introuduced us to the Ultra Plush lipgloss range where you can match your blush to your gloss. I normally hate lipgloss because of the sticky hair in face effect but I tried some on and OHMUGOD it's not sticky in the slightest! I think I may just have purchase one. [1 new product added to the wish list!]

At this stage I was about ready to start eating the lip glosses I was so hungry!(they smelled like you could) We trotted to The Church at the end of Henry street for some munch! 
This is where the serious chatting began. It was so lovely to get to know everyone a little better and form friendships! 
I had a (fancy version of a) Ham & Cheese Toastie on tomato bread & a glass of bulmers

So after lots of talking (and eating) we ran into the horrible rain to escape to Forever 21, we shopped a little (well i browsed...) and then the 7 of us that were left went and had a drink in the Porter House. 

*Deep Breath*

So all in all it was an AMAZING day and bring on the next one I say! I'm really looking forward to making my blog my baby and pretting it up a little!
Look out for a new post in the next few days(I'll try for tomorrow) with all the awesomeness of goodness I got!

Until then,
I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x

BLOGGERS/TUBER'S at the meetup:


  1. Looks like ye had a fabulous day!!

    1. I think it's safe to say we all did indeedy! :)

  2. I was so disappointed I missed this meet up. I definitely won't miss the next one xx

  3. The chunky chips in the church looks AMAZING! I can't wait to go back and get them! Thank you so much for coming Alice :D

    1. they did, some came in little buckets which made me want them even more! Anytime, i enjoyed myself so much, thank YOU for organising it! :) x