Monday, 30 July 2012

#DublinBloggerMeet Goodie Bags!

Picture 'borrowed' from Sarah..! :)
When we arrived at the meet up Sarah had organised for us all to receive goodie bags! They were filled with some amazing things so of course there has to be a post dedicated to them!

These are all of the amazing-ness that we got in the goodie bags, some colours and products varied for every blogger but I was so happy with my selection!

These are the NYC makeup products I got. 
- Metro Quartet Eye Shadow in 'Riverside park'
-City Mono Eye Shadow in '5th Avenue'
-Minute Quick Dry nail polish in 'Central Park' 
I originally got a bright pink polish but when Claire saw it she fell in love so as I have a lot of pink polish I swapped with her.

I think this was my favourite item!
We all got a beautiful piece from Obsessed Jewellery which is a shop run by the lovely Rachel. She has a a blog as well which is here.
But anyway how cute is this bikini piece!? Totes Adorbs right!?
This piece is called Itsy Bitsy Bikini Necklace(so cute!) and retails for €8.00

The final thing I'm going to show in this blog post is this all natural day and night cream by Human + Kind. I had never heard of it before but a few bloggers seemed very excited about it and Sarah told me she had been using it over the last few days and has fallen in love. I've used it once and I do like it but I don't think that's long enough to give a verdict just yet!

So those are most of the things I received at the meet up and as I use some of the products I can post a review if it's wanted? 

Thank you so much again to Sarah for organising the meet up and the goodie bags, you are just fabulous!

Until next time,
I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x

Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Week in Picture's #2

So here we are again a week on and my second 'My Week in Photo's'
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Well firstly last Sunday I reached 500 subscribers which is AMAZING!! Thanks so much to everyone!
I got me some new chelsea/horse riding style boots in Dunnes for €18 and I've been living in them! <3

My first gel nail manicure! But you should all know as I blogged about it earlier in the week!

I came across my favourite photo of me as a wee lass; admit it, I was(and of course still am....) the cutest!

And finally the yummy lunch I got in The Church while at the Beauty Blogger meet up yesterday 

Let me know what interesting things you got up to during the week in the comments

I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,

Alice x


Photo 'borrowed' from Adoreabubbles :)
I went to the Dublin Blogger Meet Up yesterday and it was AMAZING! 

I did vlog a little so there is a video on my youtube channel which you can watch here but considering the meet up was more blog orientated I decided to talk about it all mostly on here!

I'm going to break it into two posts one about the meet up and one showing all the goodies I got! Prepare yourself for some pretty long posts!

So we all met at the GPO at midday(okay no, myself and Claire were nearly half an hour late! Whoopsies!)

After having a wee chat we all headed over to Lush on Henry Street where we all had our readings from their new 'Emotional Brilliance' range. 
Now it would take a full post to talk about it all so I'm going to link you again to Sarah's blog as that's where I first heard about it! But basically it's an amazing new makeup range based all around you emotions of that very moment!
It was all a bit of fun and the staff were amazing and helpful. I do apologise if people thought I was crying the whole time, one of my contacts was being a pain so it ruined my makeup with some crafty eye watering, i eventually just washed my hands and changed the contact right there in the shop!

Claire looking very intrigued 
Hannah being a good blogger taking picture's!

At the end of our visit we were asked what our favourite colour was for a survey. Only it wasn't for a survey at all.
We ALL got a full sized bottle of prettiness AND mascara! MADNESS! I got a lovely cream pinky lipstick called 'perspective' and I will post picture's and reviews in my post very soon! Promises! 

We then mosied on to Arnottts were we met with the lovely Gemma at the Benefit counter. She did Alycia's makeup explaining the prep prime and perfect line to us and we passed them around having a little feel!

I was trying to be artsy but it turned out blurry..
Gemma also introuduced us to the Ultra Plush lipgloss range where you can match your blush to your gloss. I normally hate lipgloss because of the sticky hair in face effect but I tried some on and OHMUGOD it's not sticky in the slightest! I think I may just have purchase one. [1 new product added to the wish list!]

At this stage I was about ready to start eating the lip glosses I was so hungry!(they smelled like you could) We trotted to The Church at the end of Henry street for some munch! 
This is where the serious chatting began. It was so lovely to get to know everyone a little better and form friendships! 
I had a (fancy version of a) Ham & Cheese Toastie on tomato bread & a glass of bulmers

So after lots of talking (and eating) we ran into the horrible rain to escape to Forever 21, we shopped a little (well i browsed...) and then the 7 of us that were left went and had a drink in the Porter House. 

*Deep Breath*

So all in all it was an AMAZING day and bring on the next one I say! I'm really looking forward to making my blog my baby and pretting it up a little!
Look out for a new post in the next few days(I'll try for tomorrow) with all the awesomeness of goodness I got!

Until then,
I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x

BLOGGERS/TUBER'S at the meetup:

Thursday, 26 July 2012

YouTube/Blogger Gel Nail's!

UPDATE: after less then a week the side of the nails chipped in a major way and I ended up taking them off! My nail beds are quite small so I think maybe the nail tips they used were too big. I did however do a lot of activities that involved my hands such as cooking,cleaning, dog washing.. So maybe it was my own fault?

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I treated myself to some gel nail's the other day!
Basically my friend Seána was running late for our mooch around town and without my kindle and low battery on my phone I decided I'd see if the Jervis shopping centre Nail Bar had an opening. To my luck they did!

So I sat myself down and started chatting to the lovely Korean girl who did my nails as well as a girl from Lithuania I think she said. Originally I was going to get french tips but then I remembered one time I was in river island and the girl at the checkout had the most amazing pink glittry polish on but when I asked what it was called she told me it was gel so that was what I wanted!

The girl and Seána(who has arrived half way through) convinced me just tips would look better which is probably true but I kinda wish I had just gone for the full glitter look... 
So anyway after about an hour and a half my treatment was done(so relaxing you have no idea! It was so nice to be getting a beauty treatment rather then doing them for a change!). I forked over the €55 (so much I know but I REALLY wanted to treat myself and I have been working really hard long hours) 

I'm very happy with them, they remind me of my YouTube/Blog user name PinkGlitter10 which will be perfect for the meet up this weekend! I think I may be addicted...!!

I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon!

Alice XX

Sunday, 22 July 2012

My Week in Picture's #1

I've decided to try out the whole 'My week in picture's' posts! So every Sunday for now I'm going to do this post! I'll be using picture's from my Instagram so if you want to follow me my user name is AliBowring (same as my twitter!)

Enjoying a spot of peppermint tea while babysitting! (I honestly just loved the cath kidston cup!)
I've been minding two wonderful children and loved walking hand in hand with the cutest white blonde hair 5 year old
This was my 'Face of the Day' for the SaconneJoly meet up a gold/brown eye with winged eye liner and angel my mac on my lips :)
Anna, Myself & Jofus at the meetup! It was so lovely meeting them and you can check out my vlog here

After meet up munch! I went to Eddie Rockets with the Brother where I chowed down to a sliders & fries basket with an oreo shake. Needless to say I felt pretty sick afterwards! 
And finally! My breakfast from today! Berry granola with milk and a forest fruits yogurt! YUM! 

 Let me know if you guys like the idea of posts like this and link me yours if you've done some too!

I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,

Alice x

Also a huge thank you to James who designed my blog banner, he messaged me on youtube and said he had made it for me so thank you so much James! His twitter is fncjamie so follow him and get in touch! 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Nervous Excited! Dublin Meet Up!

Hey everyone,

Thought I'd blog this evening as I watch Mamma Mia and babysit the best two children who are always a pleasure(and I'm not just saying that because they can read this as I type).

I've been texting Sarah (Adoreabubbles) this evening in the lead up to the meet up in Dublin on July 28th (Tomorrow week eek!) and boy has Sarah been a busy bee! She has so many fun things planned and has gone to a lot of trouble for this so firstly, THANKS GIRLIE! 

So anyway in the lead up I am so excited to meet all the beautiful people online but I am so freaking nervous at the same time!
I am really bad at names (I even mix up my friends and families names... I am THAT bad) so I apologise in advance if I get confused or don't remember your name at all! I'm also really shy believe it or not! I  try to cover it all up but just incase you think I'm being rude- I'm not! I'm just be the awkward quiet me! But I swear I am a really nice person!!! 

I'm trying to become more involved in the blogger community but it just has happened for me yet, I'm trying to blog more and enjoy the whole thing so hopefully this meet up will be the kick I need!
You all know how much I love youtube but my computer really is on it's last legs, watching a 10 minute video could take a good half an hour so I have been out of the loop a little bit for which I apologise and when I get myself a new laptop(unknown time) I really hope to become more apart of the  youtube community specifically the Irish  Beauty Tubers! 

Ok so that's all for now as Mamma Mia has just finished(confirmed-not a huge fan)

Let me know if you're going to make an appearance, go to Sarah's blog(linked above) for more info on the meet up! 

I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice xx

Monday, 16 July 2012

Long Time No See!

Hey everyone, so I apologize for my lack of posting. I've been working, had my cousins wedding and then I was in Spain for 1o days!
I've been back for 5 days which have been spent catching up on youtube video's (I'm nearly up to date on the saconne joly vlogs- who's going to their meet up on Saturday?!)

So I thought I would just add do photoroneos from my trip! 

I was in Denia which is about an hour and a bit from Valencia airport(I think Alicante is closer though...). I was fortunate to be able to stay in my uncle's apartment which really helped this holiday happen financially!  

I went with two of my best friend's Calla and Seána <3

Practicing our creeper skills at the bull run

So I hope you guy's are enjoying your summers and I hope to see you all the Saconne Joly meet up on Saturday and the Beauty Blogger/Tuber meet up on the 28th :) x