Thursday, 3 May 2012

MAC Cosmetics Haul

So I have been admiring a lipstick on a friend in college for a while and I finally remembered to write down the name so I set off to BT2 to get it only to be lured in by another and also remembering I needed a new face primer so here's my wee haul!

So the first lipstick I picked up was this cremesheen. It's a really bright but slightly darker pink with a purple undertone I think(really hard to describe) and it's absolutely gorgeous! 

This was the best swatch I could take(on my leg haha) 

Then something else caught my eye which I've been loving for a while now. It's a satin lipstick and the new Viva Glam lippy by Nicki Minaj. I love all the Viva Glam's specially as all the money goes to MAC cosmetics AIDS fund. I think this will be slightly harder to pull off as it is such a popping bright pink colour but perhaps with lots of makeup it will complete a 'going out' night look!
'Viva Glam Nicki'-€17.50

This shot really doesn't do it justice!

Then the last thing was  something i just simply NEEDED! I've used it before but the last time I got Urban Decay's face primer as a Christmas gift(Thanks Claire!)(and yes it did last that long!)which is really good but I think I like Mac's better..! It's creamy as apposed to the silicone-y type.
Prep + Prime Skin Base-€26.00

So that's all I picked up which to be honest I can't really afford but hey, It's my Birthday month so I'm allowed spoil myself right?..

I hope your all well and I'll talk you all soon,
Alice xx

The lippy's swatched together again sorry for the bad photography! 

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