Saturday, 12 May 2012

I haven't Shaved for nine months!? 'Pretty Smooth' Wax Strips Review

Okay, Okay, don't worry I don't look like a grizzly bear! 
Roughly nine months ago I started beauty college so with that came waxing class one a week where we all modeled for each other so I've been getting my legs waxed and have stayed away from the razor! 

Well I've now finished college and with that comes no more free waxing! I have a wax pot but I didn't feel like waiting for it to all melt plus it's messy and it being my first time waxing my own legs I decided against it. 

So I picked up these wax strips in a local chemist for a nice €2.99 by a company called 'Pretty Smooth'. 

They boast that they are 'Quick & Easy' with moisturising qualities. The instructions on the back of the package are pretty clear but I think most of us have a fair idea how they work either way!

There 10 strips in total (which is 20 when you split them up) with 3 large strips and 7 small ones from what I gather are for facial waxing as well as bikini line waxing.
This is a shame to me as 6 strips are not enough for a full leg wax, so make sure you get every last bit of wax out of them!

They are pretty easy to use but you might need a hand for the backs of your legs.
Unfortunately the strips weren't that great in that they didn't remove all of the hair(and it's not like I have dark corse leg hair!)

-They are quick and easy to use            
-Not that painful (I find leg waxing very painful most of the time!)

-There are not enough large strips included
-They don't remove all of the hair

In my opinion you should all throw away your trusted blade now as oh wow my legs are smooth! 
It takes about three goes for all of the hairs to be gone as from shaving you've been cutting the hairs at the skin so the root is still there, that's why shaving doesn't last long and waxing does(taking the hair right from the root!)

So there's my first review... How did I do?

Let me know below about your experiences with waxing!

I hope your all well and I'll talk to you soon!
Alice xx

Apply the strip of wax with the hair growth and remove against, so this means on the back of the leg you sort of go diagonally just have a close look at someone's leg and you'll see!


  1. Well done. I can never get those strips to remove my hair....and i find waxing my legs incredibly painful...used to get under my arms done but cant stand the regrowth and ingrown hairs!

    1. The thought of waxing my under my arms is so scary! Don't know how you did it!

  2. Tempted to try some sort of leg wax as I really hate using a blade, no matter how careful I am I always cut myself! Good review!

    1. I really would recommend it! I mean i do find it painful (i was the worst out everyone in class!) but it's soooo worth it! but those strips actually weren't sore at all really so SERIOUS PRO haha!
      The hair doesn't grow back as fast or as thick! Also I find underarm waxing less painful but that's probably because it takes less time!