Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Mac Nail Polish Review: NIGHTFALL

My Mum bought this a mac nail polish (Frost: Nightfall) for herself for a wedding but she gave it to me as she doesn't paint her nails much and knew it would go to better use in my hands! 

-I'm unsure on how much the polish costs(as Mum bought it!)but according to their website and my currency converter it is around the €11 mark

-The colour is fairly true to the bottle, I would describe it as a black with a silvery metal sheen to it which is a nice spin on your conventional black polish

-The brush is quite narrow which is grand,I normally don't like this but for some reason I found the polish rather easy to apply. It doesn't latch on to too much product so you don't have the problem of a huge blob in the middle of your nail

-The first coat was very see through so a second coat is a MUST 
Two Coats

One Coat

-I found that the polish actually dried very fast as I was back typing within minutes of application! 

All in all I do quite like the nail polish especially because of how fast it dried but I do find it hard to justify €11 on one nail lacquer. I would however recommend it if you don't mind the price. 

Until next time I hope your all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Ali(ce) xx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

My Battle WIth Depression!

Hey everyone!
So as part of my Birthday month I have been making a vlog on my other youtube channel (AliceUmIThinkSo) to mark it as the last month in my teenage years!
Well today I am 20! I was born on may 19th 1992 at 06.30 pm! 
I made a video talking about my teenage years which turns out to be my battle with depression.
I didn't go into detail as:
1. It would be very long
2. It might be too upsetting for me
3. It is very, very personal!
But I am happy to say that I am medication and therapy(psychiatrist, psychologist & counselling) free!

if anyone has any questions or needs someone to talk to and want to do so in private feel free to email me at


Here is the video I uploaded:

Friday, 18 May 2012

Confession: Neat Freak & Messer all at once!

So I'm not sure where this post is going and I can't believe I'm sharing this with you all but hey why not!?

If I tell my best friend Seána my room is messy she always jokes saying 'Oh is a book out of place?' because I am traditionally a neat freak, everything in my room has a place right down to the angle I have my books on my night stand... I know crazy right?

Well Then I let my room go crazy! I don't put away my clothes, they end up on the ground and then I decide that making my bed just seems unnecessary so then it looks like a bomb has hit! 

Today was one of those 'okay I need to clean this up' days so I spent the day doing just that! Here are some before and after pictures.

Before... i know

After(not the bed sheets I normally use but we all gotta change them hygiene and all that!)
From another angle.


So that's my little secret confession! What about you guys? Are you always on the game with keeping your space clean? Are you just not into that? Or are you like me, a bit of both!? 

I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
Alice x

Saturday, 12 May 2012

I haven't Shaved for nine months!? 'Pretty Smooth' Wax Strips Review

Okay, Okay, don't worry I don't look like a grizzly bear! 
Roughly nine months ago I started beauty college so with that came waxing class one a week where we all modeled for each other so I've been getting my legs waxed and have stayed away from the razor! 

Well I've now finished college and with that comes no more free waxing! I have a wax pot but I didn't feel like waiting for it to all melt plus it's messy and it being my first time waxing my own legs I decided against it. 

So I picked up these wax strips in a local chemist for a nice €2.99 by a company called 'Pretty Smooth'. 

They boast that they are 'Quick & Easy' with moisturising qualities. The instructions on the back of the package are pretty clear but I think most of us have a fair idea how they work either way!

There 10 strips in total (which is 20 when you split them up) with 3 large strips and 7 small ones from what I gather are for facial waxing as well as bikini line waxing.
This is a shame to me as 6 strips are not enough for a full leg wax, so make sure you get every last bit of wax out of them!

They are pretty easy to use but you might need a hand for the backs of your legs.
Unfortunately the strips weren't that great in that they didn't remove all of the hair(and it's not like I have dark corse leg hair!)

-They are quick and easy to use            
-Not that painful (I find leg waxing very painful most of the time!)

-There are not enough large strips included
-They don't remove all of the hair

In my opinion you should all throw away your trusted blade now as oh wow my legs are smooth! 
It takes about three goes for all of the hairs to be gone as from shaving you've been cutting the hairs at the skin so the root is still there, that's why shaving doesn't last long and waxing does(taking the hair right from the root!)

So there's my first review... How did I do?

Let me know below about your experiences with waxing!

I hope your all well and I'll talk to you soon!
Alice xx

Apply the strip of wax with the hair growth and remove against, so this means on the back of the leg you sort of go diagonally just have a close look at someone's leg and you'll see!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

MAC Cosmetics Haul

So I have been admiring a lipstick on a friend in college for a while and I finally remembered to write down the name so I set off to BT2 to get it only to be lured in by another and also remembering I needed a new face primer so here's my wee haul!

So the first lipstick I picked up was this cremesheen. It's a really bright but slightly darker pink with a purple undertone I think(really hard to describe) and it's absolutely gorgeous! 

This was the best swatch I could take(on my leg haha) 

Then something else caught my eye which I've been loving for a while now. It's a satin lipstick and the new Viva Glam lippy by Nicki Minaj. I love all the Viva Glam's specially as all the money goes to MAC cosmetics AIDS fund. I think this will be slightly harder to pull off as it is such a popping bright pink colour but perhaps with lots of makeup it will complete a 'going out' night look!
'Viva Glam Nicki'-€17.50

This shot really doesn't do it justice!

Then the last thing was  something i just simply NEEDED! I've used it before but the last time I got Urban Decay's face primer as a Christmas gift(Thanks Claire!)(and yes it did last that long!)which is really good but I think I like Mac's better..! It's creamy as apposed to the silicone-y type.
Prep + Prime Skin Base-€26.00

So that's all I picked up which to be honest I can't really afford but hey, It's my Birthday month so I'm allowed spoil myself right?..

I hope your all well and I'll talk you all soon,
Alice xx

The lippy's swatched together again sorry for the bad photography!