Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Tattoo Discrimination??

"The difference between people with tattoos and those without is that the person with the tattoos doesn't care that the other has none."
I heard something like this before but couldn't find the exact quote so there' mine for you. 

I personally believe this is incredibly true as I will never think differently of someone who chooses to never get a tattoo but I have had many look down on me even though I have only 2 small and mostly unnoticeable tattoo's. 

I am going to include picture's of my tattoo's at the end but I'm not going to explain what they mean to me as they hold personal meaning's as any tattoo that you ever get inked on your skin should have.

Now onto the topic of this blog post.
As you may or may not know I am a beauty and body therapy student.(well I'm finished classes now and am preparing for exams) 
We had a talk from the company 'Steiner' who interview, train and hire for most cruise liners(well the beauty and fitness area's of the ships).
The woman told us of all the pros and con's of working on these cruise liners and as I have been thinking about it all ready it was a really interesting and an eye opening talk as to what life at sea would be like. If I do decide to go(that is if I passed the interview stage!) I would be going in 2013 as I have one more year of college(doing a different course). 

So what has this got to with my title 'Tattoo Discrimination'? 
Well in the 45 minute presentation from Steiner we were told that some cruise liners don't have staff under the ages of 21(which I think is only just about understandable) but we were also told that some cruise liners don't accept people with tattoo's or more specifically visible tattoo's.(I actually can't remember whether she said tattoo's or visible ones) 
Now first of all I want to make it clear that this has nothing to do with Steiner's policy they are only the middle man and I don't know which ships specifically have this rule before anyone asks! 
I was completely speechless when I heard this; as straight away I knew that because of one of my tattoo's I would suddenly become unemployable.
It leaves me wondering how right this is? I distinctly remember learning in school and from my business savvy brother that you can't be hired(or not hired) based on your appearance, age, sex, race etc... Meaning if the employer thinks your ugly then tough! That ain't a reason to not hire you. But of course employers do do this(Hello! Look at the likes of Hollister, Abercrombie or Jack Wills- all hotties!) but they do it in their heads, they don't state 'no mingers please!' But for cruise liners to say out loud that they won't accept someone with a tattoo period was shocking to me. What year do we live in? Is it still not okay what we do to our own bodies? I mean sure ask them to cover them with makeup or a plaster while working but to not hire them is inexcusable to me. 

I feel that this is discrimination and is just outrages.
All I can say is that thank God working on cruises isn't my life long dream, that even being a beautician is not what I want to do for my life. Beauty therapy is my back up, my crutch while I climb for my dreams of a makeup artist(not just any ole makeup artist... maybe I'll do a post on that one day.)
I understand that not all ships have this rule but the fact that any of them do is just wrong. 
If I get asked in the interview do I have any visible tattoo's I will say no as my 'visible' tattoo will be covered in my interview as I do think this is appropriate, so no, I wouldn't have any visible tattoo's. 

That's my little rant over, let me know what you guys think about all of this? Now for my tattoo's!

I got my first tattoo 2 months after my 18th birthday(July 2010) when I was on holiday in Portugal. The tattoo shop was clean, legit all the things you wouldn't expect when getting a tattoo on holiday(which I don't get as a BTW) So I got the phrase "Cruor Est Lucus Quam Unda" which is Latin for "Blood Is Thicker Than Water". I do have my doubts as to the translation of my tattoo now even though I spent a long time researching it but either way it still holds the same meaning to me. 
I hope no one reading this post has a foot fetish! :P

My second tattoo I got at the end of August 2011 so just over a year later. I got this tattoo more locally(ie in Ireland!) with one of my best friends Se├ína who also got a tattoo that day(her first). I'm assuming you have guessed a little what the first tattoo meant to me(although there is so much to it you will never know) but I promise you won't understand the meaning of this one so don't even try to guess! 

The star has a few white specs as I picked the scab a little.. I'll just get it re filled in again 
So those are my two tattoo's if anyone wants to know more about my personal experience with getting them let me know but that's not what this post is about.

Thank you so much for reading my post!

Until Next Time,
Alice xx

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