Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Outfits Through The Years

So my good friend Claire(http://www.thesupermodelandtherockstar.blogspot.com) JUST did a post on Christmas outfits which kinda inspired me!

Christmas outfits through the years!


so to start off my first outfit which I bought from Dunnes(mostly) today will be my 2011 christmas attire.(updated photo's from Christmas day!)

-a black simple smock dress with a black (fake) leather belt and gold clasp for €30
-black fly away/cardi with sequin-y bead-y type detailing on the shoulders for €35
-black sparkly clutch with gold clasp from penny's for €9
-Electric blue peep toe-esque heels 

This year was my favorite as it was the first year I put a 'daccent' effort into my appearance for Christmas!
-Brown-y knited jumper dress from 'river island'
-Thin brown belt fro NEXT
-Heels from NEXT
-Leaf chain necklace from 'River Island'(I think!)
I love this dress but I hate how i wore it! I've worn it better since but sure oh well!
-Black ballerina net dress from Dunnes
-Black patterened tights from Dunnes
-Black sequin bow hair band from 'River Island'
-Black sequined belt from 'Sister's Wardrobe'
-Black cardigan from Dunnes
-Grey trench coat from A|Wear 

I don't know why I wore a top under the dress I think i looked to cold without one(ha ha) but anyway..
-Checkered dress from A|Wear
-Brown heeled boots from 'Korkeys'
-Top(s) from 'Sister's Wardrobe) 
-Black trench coat(which i lost :( !!) from 'River Island'
-Hat and scarf.. I don't even know..

And that's it! Before that i didn't have a laptop! (Thank you christmas 2008!) so I don't have any more outfits to show you!

What are your favorite and least favorite Christmas outfits over the years?


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