Friday, 11 November 2011

Stay On Top Of Things: Organization 101

Well First off- welcome to my blog! I'm so excited to get into this but I need to figure it all out! ha ha!

So we all know that teenagers are known for being messy and unorganized but I'm quite the opposite about 2 years ago I started going organization crazy! Everything has it's place right down to what angle it's at. It makes everything easier and just looks more presentable all round. Plus as I spend a lot of time in my room being making videos, editing videos, reading, listening to music (you get the drift) It's nice to be in surrounding that are well kept! 

So this is the launch of a mini series I'm gonna try! Each post will focus on one area to help you get organized. I was going to to do it all in one post but it would be way way too long! 
The first post will be how to organize your sink area with face wash,body lotions(all that type of thing!) and all the stuff you get as gifts and have no idea where to put them! All that fun stuff!

But so this post doesn't have nothing to go away with I'm going to give you ideas for actual storage containers.

Numero Uno - Use what you have!
Have a look around the house do you have any old lunch boxes? Shoe boxes? Things like this are perfect! If you don't like the look of them you can always get some fabric and cover them or some paper- make it your fave colour (hand up if yours is pink!)  and cover the box with that and BAM prettiness! My Mum has used this method for years to hold our toys, home made play dough(hello air tight lunch box!) and all that sort of thing! A lot of the time presents come in neat boxes so keep them too, you never know when they'll come in handy! We're going back to keeping photos in shoe box ages here!

Nummer Zwei - Euro/Dollar Store
You will be amazed what you'll find here! I'm gonna mention lunch boxes again! I got all of my separating thingy's for my makeup in the 2 euro shop, All they are are different sized lunch boxes with t he lids taken off! Hey presto! They also seem to have cool organizational containers like mini drawer sets and things which are like gold dust as whenever you want something like this they will almost never have but when you're not looking they will so always keep your eyes peeled! 

Nombre Tres-Look in the corners!
Sometimes people forget their beds have an underneath(hey don't kill me I know not every bed does- mine doesn't!). But here is great! get some plastic shallow bins(dunnes can be good for this, i would imagine Ikea would be good too) fill them up with summer clothes during winter and slide em on under! Hammer a nail on the back of your door and then you have a coat hook! Basically what I'm saying is take advantage of your space. I will not take 'but my room is tiny' as an excuse for unorganized mess! 

Ok so that's all I can think of right now-if I think of more i'll add it on to this post!
Look out for my sink organization tips but until then:

I hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,

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