Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Organizing 101 - Your sink area!

So to start off with my organization tips I'm going to tell and show you my sink area because we want to keep that area clean just like our visage's! 

soaps and face washes can build up like crazy here! Everyone always thinks their great presents so they end up filling up your area pretty quickly.

I keep all my face stuff in a little (what would you call it!?) shallow container, it makes everything easy to see and easy to grab while restricting the amount of space you can take up. I also keep things that I use on a day to day basis(almost) like contact lenses and solution,baby shampoo for makeup brushes, body moisturizer, razor and shaving gel. here is a little picture of my sink area:

 Now for all those things that you insist you'll use but just haven't got round to yet(yes we are all guilty-my hand is raised!) So find a space out of the way and get another container and fill it(neatly) with all the lovely smelly stuff that you have building up- i have a cupboard type thing under my sink so I chose to put it there (I also keep 'back-ups' of products here).Make sure you go through this once in a while to get rid of products that have gone off or that you finally realize you're not going to use. 
Here is a picture again of my little organization skillllllls:

I could go on all day about my sink area but I'm pretty sure you'd all get a bit board I am a freak about keeping my sink area tidy so it gets pretty crazy!

Stay tuned for more specific areas of organization such as makeup, book shelve, underwear drawer(this is a must to make getting dressed more pleasant every morning!) and more!

Hope you're all well and I'll talk to you soon,
(remember you can see me on youtube at pinkglitter10 !!)

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